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Can this be right

Can this be right

Hi guys,

I’ve been PEing for a total of about 4 weeks over the last year - a day here and a day there but obviously not showing any commitment.

Well, last week I took delivery of a heat lamp off eBay and I’ve been consistent for a whole week. Two days on and a day off with the newbie stretch routine - no jelqing tho.

My erect length since adulthood has been 5.75 inch and I measured today and it’s gone up to 6. My BPEL is 6.25. (Never knew my BPEL before today so can’t compare)

Do these gains seem reasonable after a week and can I expect them to continue at the same rate?

Cheers guys

I gained .25 inches a week for my first two weeks. then another .25 every two weeks for the next four weeks. So I gained an inch in 6 weeks. And that was it. Not .25 since. It’s frustrating, but a big gain right off the bat is not uncommon.

Have you lost weight?

Since your EL measurement wasn’t bonepressed, your readings will be subject to weight loss/gain.


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