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Can the order of your exercises affect your routine?

Can the order of your exercises affect your routine?

Hi all,

Now that I’m back at doing PE I pondered a question (hopefully not stupid) that spiked my curiosity. Does the order in which you do your exercises for your routine
effect the possible outcome/gains that you may achieve?

For example after I warm up, I do manual stretches, clamping, and lastly jelqing before warming down.

Would length and girth exercises conflict with each other based on the order that they are in by any chance?

If not, is there any chance a certain order may be more optimal than another?


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Can it affect your results? I guess it could. The question is how much could it affect your results and is it enough to worry about.

The answer to this is one that unfortunately the community is pretty much split on.

Some people here will tell you don’t do girth exercises if you want to gain length, and then will give you a pseudo scientific correlation using an inanimate object or a food item and your penis to make their point.

Some people will tell you that it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever the order or type of PE you choose to incorporate into your routine and if it does affect your results in some way it isn’t enough to bother worrying about.

Some people will say length, girth, it’s all the same tissue you are stretching and working, working on one helps the other. Why not kill two birds with the same stone.

My opinion falls somewhere between the last two groups.

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Actually, it’s a very good question. I also wondered myself from the get go.

I personally always was mixing it up. For example, one day I will start with stretches. Another day with jelqs etc. I always leave edging for last. I feel that it cements my gains.

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