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CAN stretching or hanging help me

CAN stretching or hanging help me

HI everyone, I am new to this site and pretty much all things to do with PE.
I would like to get some advice and do some more research before I embark on any kind of program.

Two years ago I had surgery to repair the suspensory ligament of my penis.
Before surgery my penis (when flaccid) was extremely lob sided and would hang to the left which made me feel very insecure, uncomfortable and anxious.

This injury didn’t happen during intercourse but instead was a result of masturbation.
The surgery has corrected the problem I had. However, it was achieved by ‘tying’ back the suspensory ligament and as a result has caused me more problems that I didn’t experience before surgery.

1. My main concern is that I get erections too fast. I feel I’ve got little or no control over my erections and how sudden they are. (Some members might think this is a good thing and I realize that NOT being able to get an erection is more of a common problem, but I absolutely hate it)
It may be flirting, hugging or even just eye contact that brings the erection on!
This is causing me a real headache because as you can imagine it can be really inappropriate in certain situations (at work for example).

Obviously I have tried thinking of non sexy things when unwanted erections occur but it doesn’t seem to help that much. I have had counseling, seen sexual therapists, been to a hypnotherapist, taken pills to reduce libido, all of which haven’t really helped me.

2. My penis looks smaller when erect because effectively it has been ‘tied back’ and more of it is inside of me.

One thing I have tried recently is the ‘Jes Extender’ but found it very uncomfortable and impossible to sleep with on.
My main aim is to be able to have a more gradual erection and not to get them too quickly.
Any gains, in terms of length or girth that might be achieved along the way would be a bonus.

I would like as much feedback as possible and any advice on my situation and PE would be much appreciated.

Hmmmm…Light stretching maybe but no hanging for now. After some time gradually increase the pressure on the stretches. Do some jelqs for some size, it might also help in slowing down your erection.

Hey everyone- this is just a thought, but does the strength / sensitivity of his erections have anything to do with the PC/BC muscle? Maybe weakening that would help? <It’s just a thought, not neccessarily a solution.

J.N. What has your Doctor said about this by the way?

I don’t see how the surgery could cause super fast uncontrollable erections, but if it did, I might get it done myself.

The jes extender should not ever be worn while sleeping. It should be worn for long periods of time during the day. You need to be awake to monitor coldness, numbness, pain etc, to avoid serious damage. The way the jes is designed, I’m not surprised it was not comfortable.

For stretching your suspensory ligaments, I would think hanging straight down or between the cheeks would be best. Or manual stretching at those same angles.

Horny Bastard

Yes, I should have mentioned that you need to condition yourself for a few months (like with the newbie routine), before you try hanging.

P.S. You must be one hell of a masturbater!

Horny Bastard

HI, thanks for all your responses.

In response to golardos’ question, the consultant who performed the surgery said that scarring tissue that has formed around the ligament may have something to do with it. He also said that weights could be beneficial in my quest for more gradual erections.
I have followed this up by getting him (rather reluctantly) to have a look down there again and get rid of scar tissue.

However, this hasn’t really made a difference apart from my penis being slightly more droopy when flaccid.
Although this has been really distressful and I wouldn’t want anyone near my penis with a knife in the first place, I have realized that there is nothing more surgery can do for me (unless I go back to the way I was which is not going to happen).

I will think about what you have all said and gather some more advice before doing anything.


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If it is indeed scar tissue that is causing your problems, you might try following a similar routine to those on the boards that have used PE to cure their Peyronies Disease: it also is caused by scar tissue in the penis.


Thanks glandmaster, I’ll look into that as well.

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