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Can stretching decrease girth

Can stretching decrease girth

If I’m going for more girth, will stretching and hanging decrease my existing girth? Or will it remain the same?

Neither stretching nor hanging will decrease your girth. As Slack said, hanging may increase base girth (as may vigorous stretching at low angles). You have nothing to lose, girth-wise, and possibly something to gain, with these PE methods.

Cool! I just thought stretching may decrease girth. I’m glad to hear it doesn’t!

Slack: I’ve never attempted hanging, I’m still with the newbie routine since I just started back in october! After a while I think I’m gonna be interested in hanging cause I know you can gain inches!! Right now my main focus is girth!

Starting: 6 3/4 X 5

Current: 6 7/8 X 5

Any advice on some good girth exercises would be much appreciated!!

Cheers ;]

Originally Posted by dan7
Any advice on some good girth exercises would be much appreciated!!

Ulis, horses, clamping

Originally Posted by Bird2

Ulis, horses, clamping

All of which are advanced techniques.

Till you have enough experience and a conditioned dick, stick to the newbie routine.

Seconded. I kicked the shit out of my dick doing advanced exercises too early on, set me back probably 2-3 weeks. If you want to focus on girth at this early stage, dan7, be sure to jelq at higher erection levels, maybe ~70% (although again you can overdo it if you jelq while too erect).

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

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