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Can stretching cause numbness?

Can stretching cause numbness?

I realized a few days ago that part of my penis is numb. Is not really my penis but more of the skin that is numb, and is only a certain area. Mid shaft, just below the head, and above the base. Pretty much right in the center. I noticed that I would get and uncomfortable feeling whenever I stretched downwards (I’m following the newbie routine) but I didn’t pay much attention until I scratched my penis and realized I could barely feel it. I still get erections, is just the skin of the top part of my shaft that is numb. How long should I lay off PE until it heals? And are there any ways to speed up the healing process? Also what are some tips so ensure this doesn’t happen again? I use the same amount of force in all directions so I don’t know what went wrong.

It shouldn’t. Try easing up a bit.

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