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Can Someone Help Me?

Can Someone Help Me?

Okay so I’ve been at PE since January and this last month I’ve been really inconsistent because of lack of gains. No girth gains and my BPEL has gone up MAYBE .25” and that’s a really big maybe. Most likely .125”.

I was doing Big Al’s Advanced Jelq free routine advised by him because jelqs just weren’t hitting my penis enough for me to feel a difference.

I wasn’t getting good PI’s I guess. My morning wood was there kind of, I would wake up with maybe an erection of 4/10 when I used to wake up with nothing. That’s bad especially because I just turned 21.

If it helps, I’m on Lexapro. I’ve been looking into vitamin and herbal alternatives to help my EQ. I miss the days of having raging erections and not needing porn to achieve a hard on when I wished. Now I SOMETIMES can get fully there WITH BOTH porn and stimulation simultaneously.

What should I do? If I measured correctly, I’m approximately:

BPEL: 6.125” to 6.25”
MEG: 4.7-4.8”

My goal for now is a modest, larger than average 7”x5” which is think is HIGHLY achievable in a year. My NBPEL is about 5.65-5.75” so you can I have almost no fat pad considering I’m 6’1 and 150 ilbs.

I was also doing 1 on 1 off and I felt I could do more but I was having trouble maintaining a good enough EQ when performing Big Al’s squeezes and I felt my EQ dropped during the exercises to non-essential levels to perform the exercises with ideal expansion.

The stretches were good at first but now that I’ve hit about 200 side to side stretches, straight down, I really feel no pull around the base or the tunica. I feel like I’m just pulling my penis and swinging it without actually stretching the internals.

I’m about to get a BIB and start hanging I think. I’ve been in contact with him. I’m kinda okay with my length but I really want girth bad. I also understand girth should be done after length goals are reached and I really believe 7” BPEL is a very reasonable goal within a year.

What would you all advise? If it matters, I just purchased a light fixture clamp and an infrared bulb to use when performing my exercises to help with expansion and relaxing of the tunica, CCs and tissue.

You do realize it takes most guys 3-6 months before they see any measurable gains. and that is being consistent.

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
You do realize it takes most guys 3-6 months before they see any measurable gains. And that is being consistent.

I greatly greatly understand that. I’m quite sure I didn’t gain because of EQ and measuring techniques but what I’m asking mainly what should I do towards exercises because the squeezes haven’t felt sufficient and the side to sides have been mediocre at best being that I don’t feel much tension along the shaft nor on the ligaments.

What is your routine now?

Originally Posted by Jimmybob55
What is your routine now?

I’ve been on about a 2 week break because I was sick and my anxiety got the best of me after a break with my girlfriend.

My routine was:

10 minute warm up
20 Squeezes
200 Side to Side stretches
20 kegels
Warm down

Each workout or every other, I increased the quantity of each exercise by about 5-10.

What about jelqing?

Jelqing, correctly and consistently done, will improve your EQ, and your size, in my opinion. Personally, I’d also recommend cutting out the porn.

:_pump: :donatecar

If I add jelqing, do I remove any of the current workouts and/or add more workout days opposed from my 1 on 1 off?

I’m just deathly afraid of being a non gainer

Add jelqing to your routine. I would caution you as you seem to want fast results that they will not happen. Take your time and see what a year brings. Trying to do things fast will hurt you.

Is hanging really wise considering that you have started in January. Is your unit conditioned enough to handle the stress?

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Originally Posted by Harusen
Is hanging really wise considering that you have started in January. Is your unit conditioned enough to handle the stress?

Well I’ve been at it 3 months and while under the supervision of both BIB and Big Al, they both agreed that hanging is very safe, even for a newbie, when done correctly and consistently while most importantly, slowly with patience.

Add linear jelq routine and edging.

I have low T and I noticed better EQ in about 2 weeks.

I’ve also had good results with yohimbe with only small side effects.

Consult with your doc first though

Hanging; the very word doesn’t sound safe. Why not try some good jelqing for while.

Op, you said jelqing is not intense enough for you, then you do it wrong. Learn the basics first (this takes nothing but time , focus, and maybe some reading).
If you are mostly after girth then hanging does not make a lot of sense, unless you just want base girth, or turn out to be those lucky guys who gain girth from hanging.

>I’m just deathly afraid of being a non gainer<

You still have a lot to do before worrying about this.

Kmac122. You need jelqing. Jelqing is the spine of any PE routine. It is the base.

You haven’t gained IMO because 1. it is yet too early, 2 jelqing wasn’t involved.

Routine looks good, but loose the squeezes for now and replace them with jelqs.

If you don’t want to follow the linear or newbie routine, start with something like 50 wet jelqs or 25 dry jelqs adding 10 in wet ones or 5 in dry ones every new week. It is a safe approach. Rest of the routine, looks good. You can do squeezes later. It’s a more advanced exercise.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.


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