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Can Someone Help I Need A Bigger Jimmy

Can Someone Help I Need A Bigger Jimmy

Hi everyone I’m a newbie and I’ve been doing PE for about a week now taking it seriously because I used to try n do PE but I got discouraged because I didn’t see immediate gains, but this time I’m being a lot more faithful and patient.all I do is warm up for 5 min stretch then jelq for about 20 min doing 10 min ok grip and 10 min overhand ok grip then after that I heat again for 5 min , also I use Castor oil as a lubricant while I that good?can someone tell me if this routine is good and can you help me with any improvements in my routine.I am 7” in length and 5.5” in girth and at least in two months hopefully I would like to be at 7 1/2” length and 6” girth is this realistic? Or actually my ideal size goal for the future in general would be 8.5” length and 6.5” girth? Now can some tell me if I’m crazy or I can really reach this in maybe at least a year or so??

.Please help thanks to everyone.and I really do believe in this I just need a little bit more reassurance

Welcome to Thunder’s Place.

You are jelqing too much for a beginner. Try the Newbie Routine.

Also, please read the Forum Guidelines. Thank you.

“I got discouraged because I didn’t see immediate gains”.. That is not the way. Stay persistent and READ as much as you can, progresses, threads about everything that might interest you and take it easy, many of us here have your current size as a goal.

This forum has a “—->Start here<——” thread for new-comers. You should seriously check it out.(upper right corner in the main newbie forum) Best wishes.

Thank you and also sorry for not reading the forum guidelines properly. I didn’t realize that I had to type correctly like that.

Now you like me, b1gd11 :) .

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