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Can someone give me some encouragement


Can someone give me some encouragement

Okay guys, I feel like crap. I have like a 4.5 inch erection non bone pressed.and 5.2 bone pressed.and I have turkey neck.with discoloration.and my shaft skin is loose.if you pull on my dick.the shaft in jacking skin attached to my body.pelvic region stretches a little too.really annoying.I will have hard times with a condom.since it will move with my skin.

Now guys.anyone out here.with similar “problems”.Has anyone satisfied a woman with these characterisitics, my confidence is very low.and I am reallly ashamed of my penis guys.and I can cum like in a second.

And I do not want to get into weights or clamps..


Thanks.I know I won’t enjoy sex if I have a unit like mine.please.anyone worse than me.or at the same level has impressed a woman.pleasured her greatly.with a small unimpressive cock..

That would surely boost my confidence.thanks

The power of satisfying her is in your mind, not your dick! Think positive! Leave this “I cant satisfy her” crap behind you. Why the hell do you think like that? Do you know the average vagina is 4 inches?

>Has anyone satisfied a woman with these characteristics, my confidence is very low.<

Of course, penis size doesn’t equal sexual prowess. It’s always worth learning when it comes to sex.

>I know I won’t enjoy sex if I have a unit like mine.please.anyone worse than me.or at the same level has impressed a woman.pleasured her greatly.with a small unimpressive cock..<

This is about your perception of your penis size rather than your actual penis size. Your current size is quite serviceable and there are many people of a similar size.

Why do you have an appalling self image? You should think about attacking that before you even think about PE. How much sexual experience do you have? Have you been comparing yourself to the guys in porn movies? Have you had direct experience of problems with your size?


If you mean in gaining more size, sure there is. What have you done so far, what do you want to do?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

I could give you encouragement, but something tells me that it wouldn’t do you much good. Listen, you can’t always be negative about life, you have to look for the positives within yourself. So what if your penis isn’t 9x7, live with what you got man and don’t be ashamed of it. Besides, you ARE on a PE site, I’m sure that in time you will grow past your current dimensions, so don’t sweat it. If anything, use this as motivation. Best of luck.

Prodigy, 5.2”BEL isn’t the end of the world. Certainly not to a woman who isn’t brainwashed with the big dick hype. Granted, it’s doubtful that it would make a lasting impression, but with a year of PE you might add an inch lengthwise and then you’d already be above average.

So, instead of despairing you might want to spend your time wisely and follow a strict pe-regime. I’m certain that if you’d do that you will find out that you don’t have to despair about either dick-size or cumming prematurely, because both are subject to change. A change you can bring about by working for it. I.e. it’s all up to you, pal.

Good luck!

What’s up with all the dots? :S

Dude chin up! With positive thinking comes positive results. Believe it or not there are a ton of women out there that don’t think about a man just for his penis. Be proud of who you are and what you have to offer and the penis thing can always be worked on over time through exercise and training!

A couple of years ago I visited a small village in rural Honduras.

I waded through the water they drank out of, and came out with a ringworm attached to my forehead.

Electricity only belonged to the ranch Americans stayed at.

We installed flooring in their houses that would be equivalent to a decent garage floor in the U.S.

You are blessed my friend. Research Kegels and Edging for stamina. Look into pumping, I know the first time I pumped, I got a huge boost of confidence. Do your homework, you can never read too much on Thunder’s.

I cannot agree with Mule anymore when he said it’s up to you.

Happy P.E.’ing my friend!

The human penis is the least effective tool for making love to a woman.

It is not:
1.) flexible
2.) motorized
3.) can not speak
4.) nor show emotion.

‘Nuff said!

Good luck and good gains!

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

prodigy, stick around here for a couple of years. Try some of the excercises in the newbie routine and stick to it for a few months at a time. Try different excercises (jelqing, stretching.)

I bet you could be one of the big gainers around here with some determination and lots of perserverence.

There are lots of guys here who will help with tips, etc.

Good luck with your gains.

Sep. 2003: 7" bpel x 5" eg June 2004: 7 & 1/4" bp x 5 & 3/8" eg Jan. 2005: 7.5 x 5.5 Goal: 8x6 "I always knew pe existed but didn't know where to start, until I found Thundersplace."

Originally Posted by TenInchGoal
What’s up with all the dots? :S

After reading his post a couple of time, he missed the , and hit the . instead. They are right next to each other.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Look, after I I realized that I could get a woman off using nothing more than the first joint of my pinky finger, I quit worrying so much about my cock. You must come to grips with the fact that you cock is an inch or so smaller than average. That will not, however, stop you from being a good lover. Unless you continue to pity yourself. Get on with it, fella.

Note: I’ve just finished typing the following, and it’s kinda corny, but I think it has merit. If you think I’m giving the lad *too much* encouragement, just assume I was talking to myself, and go about your day in peace.

Well, at least I now know that I have the *second* lowest self-esteem level at Thunder’s. At 5.4” BPEL, I’m not far behind you. But from what I’ve heard, a woman can’t have any kind of orgasm without clitoral stimulation. Given your current lack of faith in your ability to please via penetration, you will probably be interested in pleasing her manually or orally. That’s enough to make lots of women want repeated encounters in bed with you.

So let’s look on the bright side:
1. You clearly *want* to be a good lover. That’s more than most men are interested in. They just go in, come, get out and leave without expressing appreciation.
2. You have incentive to look into alternative methods of sexual pleasuring. Lots of men born with giant cocks aren’t interested in going down on a woman. That gets you lots of points there.
3. Given the two above, you’re already doing very well. Follow the newbie routine linked to at the top of the newbie forum, and you’ll add an appreciable amount of meat to yourself if you stick to it, and come here for advice whenever your gains start slowing up. With time, you’ll have an “impressive” and “appreciable” dick that will catch the eyes of your potential lover.
4. By doing basic PE exercises, especially jelqing, you’ll be training your “pleasure centers” to understand that ejaculation is not appropriate at the first touch. Until now, I’m guessing that the only time your penis gets touched is when you’re masturbating, and thus you’re trying to come as quickly as possible when doing so. PE exercises teach you discipline in not only making yourself *not come* but also keeping your erection down when you don’t want it there. PE will help you avoid premature ejaculation and also help you avoid those embarrassing “first date boners” that I used to get before I started my first PE routine (which I since then abandoned, to my regret).

Given this perspective, try to look at your current self-proclaimed “deficiencies” as a blessing. You have incentive to be a better all-around lover due to your currently “small” penis. When (and I do mean “when”, not “if”) you successfully complete your PE routine so as to have a penis you are proud of, you will concurrently have learned all sorts of methods to please women beyond just impressing them with the sight of seeing your cock come out of your pants. Lots of “big” guys rely on “visually-created anticipation” alone to please women, but don’t follow up on that with good technique, and lots of times the girls they have sex with are disappointed.

I’m confident that once you’ve been on a PE routine for a few months, and done some “needed-by-everybody” research into the workings of female sexuality, you will be a far better lover than 90% of the men out there… even the ones with large dicks. That means you’ll be “Grade-A”, top of the line.

In addition, by successfully confronting what you see as a huge problem in your life, and becoming a Grade-A lover, you will have proven to yourself that with effort, you can overcome any problem you have, be it with friends, family, finances, or whatever. You will not only be a better lover, but a better person.

Because you will have been able to overcome such problems, you will be able to sympathize with others about theirs, and give them the motivation they need to overcome their difficulties. You will not only be a better lover, and a better person. You will be a better friend to those you care about.

And it will all be because of the fact that you were “cursed” with a naturally small penis.


I used to think that a women couldn’t have an orgasm without clitoral stimulation. I believe that was a myth passed on by “experts” in the sex field. From experience, I feel a woman can have just a vaginal orgasm or a clitoral or both. My girlfriend calls them externals, internal, and combos.

Any other opinions?


^^ Don’t mind me, I have no sexual experience with which to back up that claim. I learned that in the Human Sexuality course at UCSB, and if that class is anything like the other classes offered by the UCSB sociology department, I probably shouldn’t have given it so much credence.

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