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Can someone explain

Can someone explain

What is actually meant by erection quality? I have always considered my self to have what I would call good EQ. For example I get so hard sometimes it physically hurts if you no what I mean there is no moving or bending that sucker! Does that mean I have good EQ? The reason I ask is this. I have been doing PE for a couple of weeks now and last night I measured myself after fucking my wife. It felt no harder than normal but it was half an inch longer and 1/4 inch more girth. I know this isn’t growth yet so must be EQ right?? The thing is it felt the same as always. I have measured my cock loads over the years and have always got consistent measurements. I rechecked a few times last night to make sure it was right and it was definitely bigger by a lot!

I think you are correct. I know the size can vary drastically, depending on time and activity. I think mine is bigger in the morning when I get up.

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