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Can someone explain this sensation while jelqing

Can someone explain this sensation while jelqing

I’ve done about 4 weeks of pe at this point. Doing a routine pretty close to the newbie routine. My jelqing tends to be just slightly on the gentle side. I’m starting cautiously and building up. Here are my slight modifications to the newbie routine.

1. I do the recommended 5 - 10 minute warm up, but the level of heat I’m using is just slightly higher than what’s suggested. I have my reasons for doing this. It’s not extreme heat, but it is a little on the hot side.

2. At first I jelq pretty much exactly as recommended, except my jelqs may be just slightly less pressure to the squeeze than what would be considered ideal. I have my reasons for this. My penis health can be quite good for a spell but can falter easily with just the slightest cause, I.e., lack of sleep, poor diet, etc. I understand that EQ is better if overall health is better but sometimes the least little drop in my general health can really show up in EQ so I’ve decided maybe I have a unit that’s not really strong and healthy at the outset so I’d rather start slow and easy and gently ramp up.

3. Also the total number of jelqs is approximately 100 - 200 over 10 or 20 minutes. I probably do a set of 30 - 50 real jelqs then maybe a few minutes of more gentle stroking, massaging, squeezing etc.

4. Towards the end I do a few things of my own. One I call a reverse jelq. I’ve sorta searched around but haven’t seen anything about it here. With the penis at about 70% - 80% erect as with a normal jelq, I use one hand to hold the top of the penis just below the glans and the other hand with the OK grip as with a normal jelq which starts about mid-shaft and then I jelq down towards the base. I’m doing this because my priorities in growth are: 1) base girth; 2) overall girth; 3) length. I do about 2 or 3 sets of ten on these.

5. Occasionally, on a day when I think I can throw in a little more intensity, I do a squeeze where I only grip around the head and just below the head, maybe the top 25 percent of the penis, and squeeze to firm up the rest of the shaft. But I do not squeeze at the base at the same time. If I’m motivated enough I’ll do some reverse kegels. I only do a few of these for a few seconds, and I’m not squeezing really tight.

6. At the end of the work out I alternate between heating for 1 - 3 mins and getting fully erect for 3 - 5 mins, while doing random kegels and reverse kegels. At this point I’m trying to discover exactly the right way to kegel to increase EQ.

7. I do this routine once a day, for about 2 - 4 days then do one day of rest. Whether I do 2, 3, or 4 days depends on the following: how intense my workouts have been; also depending on PIs that make sense to me, for exemple, something as simple as do I feel like my dick is tired or energetic.

8. Something else I’ve been doing extra is what I would consider to be very gentle erection workouts. Hardly a workout actually. I simply get and stay erect for a little while. I use as little “sex stimulation” as possible. That is I focus less on having fantastic sexual fantasies and mean stroking and edging, etc, and do minimal stim and work to acheive a decent erection. I’m trying to focus more on the physical and less on the erotic psychology aspect of getting erect. Since I’ve started pe I’ve noticed how much easier it is to get and stay erect; duh, no surprises there. So for this erection workout I do the least amount of stimulation as possible to get erect. It’s more massaging and pumping and he pops right up. Then I use a combination of kegeling, a few light strokes, etc, just enough to get and keep a solid erection. This I do for as long as I have time for it can range anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

In summary I’m doing a basic newbie routine. But mine is more low level; more frequent; breaks come after 3-4 days not at 2 days; I do reverse jelqs and squeezes and erection exercises.

Progress: pretty much what would be expected. Better EQ and morning wood. Not necessarily very much better sexual performance because I’m spending a lot of energy in recovery mode. But, before I started PE my sexual performance could range pretty widely from pretty darn good to kinda weak. It’s only been 4 weeks and I’m definitely in the stronger side of my “normal” range but I’m not seeing anything like a dramatic improvement over my previous “strong” performances. Flaccid hang is improved. Erections look and feel better. I do believe there’s been the slightest little millimeter or so of EL and EG but I’m sure that’s just returning to normal health and size and not actual “gains.”

There are a few indications that I’m getting the first signs of very preliminary progress. That is I’ve observed a few things that are an indication that pe is beginning to make some changes. I’ll just mention one. Up until now, my erection has been very cylindrical, exactly the same girth from base to glans. That’s how it looked and that’s totally how it felt internally. Now after only 4 weeks it still looks pretty much the same it always has. But if I really examine it carefully with my hand, the erection feels a bit different internally. It feels normal width at the base, slightly less width about midshaft and slightly bigger and fuller towards the head. Internally it feels similar to the look of some penises I’ve seen in porn which have the bat effect.

I’d welcome any comments on any part of this at all. But there are a couple things I’d like to ask about specifically.

First is what’s mentioned in the title of this post. When I jelq in a very specific way, I feel a strange sensation run down the topside of my penis and into my abdomen. Remember that I jelq with a pressure that is medium to medium-light. I use an OK grip that is not a perfect circle with round pressure on all parts. I focus more pressure on the sides, in an attempt to target the CC; a bit of pressure on the underside but a bit less than the sides; and practically no pressure at all along the top dorsal vein and nerve area. When I hit it just right, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s a little tricky to get it, as my hand moves up the penis and especially once I pass the half way mark and move towards the top I feel a tingly, pleasant rush feeling run down the top side of my penis, along the path of the dorsal vein. It starts near the head and spreads down the length of the penis and then into my abdomen and past the pubic bone and even fanning out a few inches into my pubic area of my abdomen.

As my OK grip moves up, the rush feeling moves down. Sometimes the sensation starts at the beginning of the stroke when my OK grip is near the base, but this is more difficult to achieve. It’s easier to get the rush feeling to start when the OK grip is further up closer to the head. The rush feeling sometimes just travels down the penis and stops, sometimes goes a short ways into the abdomen, sometimes going pretty far up the abdomen.

It’s gentle, subtle, pleasant, almost a mini-vibration feeling. Has anyone else experienced or heard of this, know what it is, etc?

The second question is about heat. I see a lot of recommendations about the level of heat. For various reasons (which I won’t go into unless someone asks) I feel that hotter heat for the warm-up and warm-down will be more beneficial to me. So while I see the recommendations for what level of heat is best, I couldn’t find an explanation of why hotter heat is not recommended. I’m sure someone did explain somewhere but it’s hard to do a search on that and none of the newbie-starter sections explains why warm and not hot is best.

"That which is measured, grows." (author unknown, corporate slogan at Microsoft)

Reverse jelqs have been talked about quite a bit on the forum. Be very careful with them - use the link in my sig to learn the best way to use the search feature.

As to the sensation, as long as it is pleasant, it’s probably OK.

As far as heat goes, just remember that your penis is ‘meat’ and that it can be cooked! The penis is not a very heat sensitive organ, so it’s easy to over-do it. Whatever heat you are using, and for whatever time, try it on the back of your hand (not the palm), with the same degree of heat and time. If it’s comfortable on the back of your hand, it’s OK on your penis as well.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thanks for the help on this. I didn’t do a search on reverse jelq because I wasn’t really looking for info on it, didn’t really have any questions. Just happened to mention that I hadn’t stumbled on comments about them. So didn’t mean to refer to it as my own unique thing.

But I had done a search on heat and it turns out to be one of those things that’s a little difficult to search and get the exact info you’re looking for so I do appreciate your input on that. Lots of results that mention heat, some that talk about the correct temp, but tough to isolate anything that talks the “why” of temp recommendations.

In a nutshell there’s a lot of issues that are very, very unique to my individual physiology and I’ve benefited in the past (EQ, health in my body including kidney health, keeping my body temp regulated, etc etc) from putting and keeping a good amount of heat down in the crotch area. Especially at the taint, right behind the balls. Never had any detrimental effects, only good so far. I sorta carried that over to the dick and balls both and had only good effects not bad. But since PE is a new and more consistent activity, I will heed the warnings here and maybe back off the extremes of heat targeted specifically on the penis.

"That which is measured, grows." (author unknown, corporate slogan at Microsoft)

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