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Can someone explain jelqing against the curve for me

Can someone explain jelqing against the curve for me

I’ve always had a bit of an upward curve and it’s never been a problem, but I think jelqing is making it worse and I don’t want to get to the point where it’s bordering on Peyronies! The usual search brings up a lot of “jelq in the opposite direction to the curve” but whichever way I do it, it seems to enhance the curve. Masturbation probably doesn’t help either..

Specifically my unit seems to be developing a curve towards the end rather than uniformly banana shaped.

So could someone tell me, in really, really basic directions, how to jelq to get a downward curve?

Peyronies isn’t an issue to worry over, unless you go crazy and create scar tissue from a nasty injury. If your upward curve is seeming increase, what you might be seeing is a relative tightness in the collagen tissues of the upper penis (search for ‘septum’). Rather than trying to jelq in the form of an ‘n-curve’ (opposite curve to yours), perhaps incorporate targeted stretches using a fulcrum to focus added tensions into the upper tunica. Be careful of adding techniques of greater intensity, as your conditioning might not be up to par. Always use caution.

For an example of an aided stretch, look at this thread: Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism . Do not plunge into this routine if you are new to PE; not even if you are a vet. I’m only pointing you there to see an example of a stretch method which can help to target the upper tunica structures.

Yeah, one thing I did notice is that while I haven’t gotten much in the way of size gains, what has improved is consistency and presumably harder erections which gives the impression of an increased curve. That is my BPEL hasn’t changed, but before I started PE if I didn’t kegel to keep the blood in my dick would shrink slightly, now it shrinks a lot less. I think I’ve put on around a cm in girth which is oddly noticeable :P

I’ve been almost only jelqing for the moment, I’m uncut and stretching as per the guides always leads to my OK grip slipping onto my glans. Might try without the foreskin retracted.

I’m not worried about it, provided I can have sex safely and comfortably it doesn’t bother me. I’ve seen some much weirder dicks in porn!

I have a very slight curve to the left. I haven’t read much about fixing curves on here as I’m not worried about mine but this is my experience. When I first started jelqing I jelqed normally for a while alternating hands etc. Then maybe about a month in I decided to do my jelqs while bending it to the right slightly in an effort to correct the bend. I just thought if it works then great, if it doesn’t then I don’t really care. What resulted was my penis (most especially in the semi state) being even more curved after workouts. It wasn’t so noticeable in the fully erect and flaccid states but very noticeable when semi-erect. After that I just went straight back to doing normal jelqs.

This is what I think was happening. I would do a normal jelq pulling straight out but have my hand at a slight angle. During jelq, penis between hand and base was straight out. Penis from hand to head was pointing to the right slightly. I use an overhand grip. So when I’m doing the jelq the left side of the penis is more stretched out and the right side is more compressed and reaches a higher pressure than the left, meaning more growth. If you’re not sure what I mean, try this. Get an erection. Hold the penis at the base and pull up like you’re doing an uli or just a jelq or whatever. Now bend your penis to the side. You will notice very high pressure in the side you’re bending towards. Doing a jelq while bending is the same but you’re doing it along the whole length of the shaft.

So what I recommend is actually doing a jelq in the same direction as the bend. So for you, you would jelq while bending upwards. Obviously I’m not an expert on this but this is just going by my experience. I don’t want to make any assumptions just yet but it seems like everyone is just doing it wrong. All I see is “jelq against the curve”. It doesn’t make any sense. I just did a search and found this thread Downward curve, jelqing seems this guy was thinking the same thing but nothing came of it. Anyway, hope this helps ;) (edit: jeez, didn’t expect that face to come out all cheesy and animated haha)

Started (01/01/2012): G 4.85, BPEL 6.4, NBPEL 5.8

Now (01/05/2012): G 5.00(+0.15), BPEL 7.0(+0.6), NBPEL 6.4(+0.6)

Goal: G 5.5in, NBPEL 7.5in

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