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Can someone experienced redefine this jelq description please.

Can someone experienced redefine this jelq description please.

“If stretching and length are important application of a grip that less effectively traps blood but is stronger is sensible. This can be achieved with rotation of the grip at the point of application.”

This is in the very helpful guide to jelqing, as you can gather it’s length I’m after primarily.
I appreciate I need to just jelq practice in so to speak but I am having trouble understanding the context.


When you jelq, as you approach the glans do you keep the same grip pressure after the second hand is applied?
If you do this you end up with an effect not unlike tying a knot in a hose pipe lol, or are you meant to release the tension immediately after your second hand commences. I’m guessing it’s just a variation?

Many thanks.

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From: How to Jelq (it’s also on the Matters of Size web site).

I assume this is saying the “regular” jelqing causes a “sideways” forcing of blood against the tunica which might be assumed to enhance girth and that by lessening the amount of blood trapped during the stroke the pressure might be directed more toward the end of the corpora cavernosa thus enhancing lengthwise growth.

I’m not certain the idea actually has much merit because even the use of “normal” jelq pressure tends to cause length gains more easily than girth gains. This is due mainly to the structure of the tunica which, as anyone with a penis knows, allows for longitudinal expansion much easier than it does circumferential expansion. I don’t know what “rotation of the grip” means. Perhaps someone who was on the “digest team” will respond with an explanation.

It’s probably inevitable that some pressure will be released as you change hands. And there’s always an ongoing venous drainage in a penis that isn’t fully erect (as you should not be for jelqing). You can try to maintain it and see if you achieve better gains that way. I doubt you’ll be able to make your dick explode from a pressure build-up. :)

Sorry I should have linked it, will next time.

:) Thanks Westla. I appreciate PE isn’t an exact science, so I’m assuming the pressure aspect when changing over isn’t massively important, more the duration of stroke, level and angle or erection and pressure applied throughout. Know what your saying about the dick explosion, though as someone new to PE it’s kinda frightening seeing these thick veins and swollen red glans over the place, but I’m getting used to it slowly!

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

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