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Can someone answer this about the Wrap...

Can someone answer this about the Wrap...

Hi guys,

I’ve searched on different posts regarding the wrap, now I’m getting a bit confused…is the wrap the same thing that people use when they use there Bib hanger, cause the wrap I’m referring to is the one that people are using which has the magnets in it. What I want to know is how does this have any affect on flacid gains, and also does this contribute to erect gains, also one last thing if you wrap something around your penis wouldn’t that prevent you from gaining girth and sort of make your dick long and skinny…I’m just not too clear on the wrap, so hopefully someone can answer my questions?

The wrap with magnets is used to hold blood in the penis; not for hanging. The purpose is to keep the penis from shrinking, therefore forcing the penis to heal while in a state that is somewhat larger than normal. It works best after a pumping or jelqing session.


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I have only been at this for a week, but I bought one of those yesterday and it is quite nice.

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