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Can simple ads alone can increase your length

Can simple ads alone can increase your length

Refer to topic, may I know if I can gain length by just using simple all day stretch (no jelqing or manual stretching)?

Your gains will probably be minimal.

It works best when you damage the tissue first with jelqs and then let it heal in a extended state using your ADS.
There is more effort needed then just wearing a ADS.

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I think you need the benefit of warming up the cock first, and I think jelqing is also beneficial to tissue health. But I am only guessing, never having used an ADS.

No I doubt it. Stretching or hanging then using a ADS to keep it in an extended state while healing which you want. You don’t want it to turtle while healing.

I gained 0.4” from using a penis extender and doing nothing else, no kegals, jelqs, Manuel stretches, just me and the extender.

Most can gain a little bit from ADS only if they have never done PE, at least in my opinion. Just don’t let the advertising and “testamonials” fuck with your head! Depending on the device, some claim 3+” gains. Not likely…. They just want to sell it to you.

I subscribe to the theory that wearing an ADS following your PE workout is the best way to go, and will yield the best gains. If it sounds too easy/too good to be true, it usually is! PE is hard work. Do all the Google searches for the various devices you can, read all the claims of 1”, 2”, 3+” gain claims, then read through this site and compare. Difference is, THIS site is not trying to SELL you something….

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