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Can Relaxin help PE?

Can Relaxin help PE?

I’m very excited because this is the first time I’ve started a thread.


When my wife was pregnant, I remember learning that, as she approached her delivery date, the concentration of a hormone called “relaxin” would increase in her system, causing her tendons and ligaments to loosen. This hormone is apparently essential for successful delivery, as it allows the different portions of the pelvis to separate slightly for allowing the baby to pass through the birth canal.

When I read about stretching in connection with PE, a light bulb went off. Could relaxin help to loosen the suspensory ligaments and tunica, thus promoting faster progress with PE??

Please don’t everybody go out and buy this stuff. Bad side effects include joint instability and consequent injury. Generally, you don’t want your tendons and ligaments to be loose. But still, I’m intrigued by the possibilities.

In particular, I’m thinking about whether relaxin could be administered topically, as an ointment or gel, which would then preferably affect only the areas to which it was applied and not cause a systemic loosening of connective tissue.

I’m also thinking about dosage. Too much and the ligs and tunica could possibly be overstretched and deformed. But, then again, maybe not. We’d have to consult an expert in this area.

Has anybody though of this? Are there any products available that employ this principle? Do we have a doctor in the house?

Relaxin has been discussed several times, but nobody has reported actually trying it.

Oh, and one more thing …

Unlike the above idea, which I think sounds smart and possibly reasonable, here’s one along the same lines that might be crazy.

Meat tenderizer (don’t laugh) specifically loosens connective tissues. I don’t know what the process is, and it’s probably destructive to tissues, but I wonder whether there’s some application for PE.

I’m especially intrigued (that word again) because the suspensory ligaments and tunica are so close to the surface that it may be possible for an ointment (Adolf’s PE Cream) to reach them.

And yet another thing …

Surgery that cuts the suspensory ligaments seems to go overboard. Is there any surgery that merely thins the ligaments, to make them easier to stretch? From what I’ve heard, losing the ligaments is a sacrifice many people don’t want to make. Merely thinning them would enable their function (to maintain angle and stability) to be maintained while possibly improving the effectiveness of stretching.


Your link is pointing to a great thread, which I’ll read in detail when I’m not supposed to be working.


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