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Can Propecia finasteride slow gains

Can Propecia finasteride slow gains

1) Anybody have any experience doing PE while taking Propecia/finasteride/proscar or even rogaine/minoxidil??

2) Can you post your results before starting PE and currently with dates attached?

3) Do you feel that any of the above meds affected your PE adversely?

4) Is there any evidence that any of these meds slow PE?


Hey RB:

I haven’t tried, but others have. Try searching. Some wacky doctor actually recommended cycling on and off of finasteride to promote gains. The theory was that finasteride would starve the penis’ DHT receptors and make them more sensitive. Then, when finasteride was discontinued, the penis would be primed for growth, especially if testosterone was simultaneously increased.

Current thinking around here is that DHT is not responsible for penile growth after puberty.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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