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Can PE's help a dent in penis

Can PE's help a dent in penis

I have a dent in my penis on the left side. It’s almost like a string going halfway around my penis. It is dented in like a very thing half ring going around my penis. Has anyone ever had anything like this? Also if I gain girth wouldn’t that help my dent? Is PEing dangerous? Thanks

Not dangerous, if you go at it in a conservative way: eg., not beating yourself up.

Don’t worry about the dent. It might fill out with some girth gain. On the other hand, you might have a thicker cock a year from now that still has a dent in it.

You trying the Newbie Routine? Good place to start.



Have any of you guys ever had a dent? I want the dent to go away. Yea I wanna start the newbie routine.

Then start the newbie routine and see how the dent goes.

I had a dent right on top of the shaft, half an inch below the gland’s. It never bothered me much but after a year and half of PE, it just faded away doing the newbie routine with light clamping 5-10 minutes 3x with a 2-3 minutes jelqing in between.

Cool, I’m not ready for clamping. I wonder if I can’t get rid of the dent from jelqing and stretching alone. Anyone else ever had a dent?

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