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Can PE mainly Jelqing And Stretches can effect Testosterone Levels?

Can PE mainly Jelqing And Stretches can effect Testosterone Levels?

Can PE (mainly Jelqing And Stretches) can effect Testosterone Levels? Because I m facing hair fall problem since I started PE, maybe this problem is because of that DHT. I want your suggestions and knowledged tips. So please help

No, I don’t believe PE will affect testosterone levels. However if you feel your test levels are low, you can boost them with diet and exercise. Foods that are rich in vitamin D and Zinc can help. Also exercises, especially those that target large muscle groups such as the legs and glutes can also help raise your bodies own natural production of free testosterone.

I agree.

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I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Advanced age, poor diet, obesity, lack of body exercises, lack of sex, smoker, drinker, stress, deseases, medication … all this can affect negatively our testosterone levels. Also been reading that too much use of sunscreen and repellents may hit those levels further down.

If PE has any interference in our testosterone, it is for good.

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Be careful with heatlamps, wrongly placed heat packs and anything else that exposes your testicles to too much heat over a certain period of time

Just like your laptop and tight pants that heat up your family jewels too much can drive your testosterone down like crazy and eventually you might even end up in perma-limp-town

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