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Can PE cause ache?

Can PE cause ache?

Can PE cause Ball ache or Varicocele?

What do you think?

Everything depends . PE can increase the venous and arterial irrigation of the penis and all genital area.This its good, but if you have relatives records of varicocle you must to make a medical consultation. Are you feeling pain during the exercises o after ?If the answer its yes ,stop your trainning for a few days.

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

Edging makes me sometimes feel like I have been kicked in the balls, or I have been playing sports and a ball has hit my cock.

Now pass me that joint shrek.


I would say no as the blood supply to your balls and the blood supply to your penis come from different peripheral arteries. Your testicles are supplied by the testicular artery which comes off your abdominal aorta around the level of your kidneys. Your penis is supplied by several branches of the internal iliac artery which is much lower in your body (around your groin). So the blood supplies to your testicles and your penis do not go through the same pathway.

Varicocele is a dilation of veins that eventually drain into the testicular vein. Yanking on your penis doesn’t affect this blood supply, so I would say varicocele and PE have no correlation. As far as ball ache, you might be having ligament pain that you interpret as ball pain, or if you’re repeatedly hitting your balls against something that could cause it too. Hope this helps.

When stretching up your stomach and to the sides, your balls can get a little tightened up in the sack. This can ache for a while

Just make sure there´s room for it!

Yea when I use the JES to stretch, I can feel my balls ache some. I was told that it is normal and its stretching the ligaments in your balls too. They also ache after edging, and sometimes I even get a headache if I dont bust a nutt.

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