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Can other circumcised guys weigh in here for me?

Can other circumcised guys weigh in here for me?

I’m trying to determine whether my mind is playing tricks on me. The question I’m trying to answer for myself is, just how much sensation did I ever really have in my glans prior to a possible injury. I’m posting this here because it’s more about getting feedback on sensation than diagnosing an injury, so please don’t move it.

Right now, if I move my glans against my leg hair, I can’t feel the hairs with it, but I’m not sure I ever could. I also can’t feel cloth if I touch it to the glans. I’ve been thinking for the last 2-3 weeks I’ve lost sensation there, but it’s making me wonder, as even in the past prior to PE when receiving oral sex I’ve never gotten much sensation from when they focus on it.

I’d like to hear from other guys who are circumcised what sorts of sensation they can feel from their glans alone, specifically the part of the head you see when you look directly down on it and towards the lower crown (dorsal view). Are you generally numb there? If you touch a piece of toilet paper directly on only that part, can you feel it on it? I’d like to know if there are some areas where you generally don’t feel anything there. Thanks!

I went through exactly the same thing you are describing, nearly word for word. A few years ago, after hanging too much weight, I spent days trying to figure out if I was going crazy or not. I would touch it with the end of a toothpick (that’s what my neurologist uses on other parts of my body), a pin, etc.

Years later (and healed) I can tell you that the glans is not as sensitive as I would imagine it to be. Pressure produces sensation. But anything lightly touching it, even sharp items, go unnoticed.

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Just did the toilet paper test, can barely feel that. However, when I lightly touch and move up and down with my finger, I can feel that.

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I can deffinety feel the hair on my thigh if I rub it. I do think some areas of my glans are more sensetive than others.

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Circumcised here and I can definitely feel the hairs on my thighs.. Never knew you can lose sensation in some parts of your penis :/

Can feel loo paper on top (looking down) but not at sides or beneath. Can feel all over if I gently rub glans.

I took a toothpick (didn’t push perpendicular with tip/point on upper glans) just used it at angle for light touch and could feel it. I also did the toilet paper test and can feel it.

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