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Can my size fill her up?


Don’t underestimate the power of the mighty emoticon! /forum/misc.php?do=showsmilies Especially on a topic like that.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

There are probably at least a couple of billion men out of the 3.5 billion on the planet your size or smaller. You have ZERO to worry about. In fact I believe there are many women who will prefer your size to someone very big.

Originally Posted by sleepy278
My point? Don’t judge a woman by her size. There isn’t a correlation between a woman’s body size and genital size.

When I was younger, I had turned 23 and had never had a girlfriend. The fact of not having a girlfriend or a some kind of relationship with a woman meant having to give up my sexuality. I know there are people for whom giving up sex is not a problem. But I was not one of those people.
To make the story short, my first time, and not only the first, was with an escort. Later had become a kind of addiction. I was beginning to worry.
I felt the need to repeat the experience with other women and I have visited a lot for a long time. I could not resist the temptation. I have had experiences with many women and also from the economic point of view was becoming a problem. I wanted to try with a very tall woman, with a woman with very generous breasts with a woman of African or South American descent. I had sex with many, many women of Asian origin. I could not stop. I did find it hard to stop. I had to commit myself.
Returning to the subject, based on my experience, I can say that in most cases there isn’t a direct correlation between a woman’s body size and genital size,
Within certain limits.

Originally Posted by sleepy278
I once fucked (made love to) a midget (small person),.long story, don’t ask why. This was years ago,

I’m dating a 30 y.o. Woman with dwarfism. I feel very attracted to her and this it is mutual. She happens to be a little person, it’s something that is part of her way of being, cannot imagine her different from the way she is. We met on the phone for business reasons, she is a colleague of mine but works in another city.
We’ve known for six months and now she has moved into my town and we began to meet in person. It’s incredible that she likes tall men and I’m 6ft 5 in.
Things seem to be going well between us, there is chemistry and physically she likes me a lot. For a long time she didn’t want to do everything during intimacy.
It was weird because with oral sex she did reach orgasm but she still didn’t want sexual intercourse. She said that after the last affair she had with her boyfriend, she did not feel ready yet. During December and the Christmas holidays we spent much time together and we solved this issue.
People may think bad, but also in terms of sexuality, we are a happy and satisfied couple.
I really like this woman for so many reasons. She’s an intelligent woman, full of life, nice, amusing. She has a very beautiful face and she likes me physically. This is all that matters to me.
Returning to the topic, She’s shorter than 4 feet, has a beautiful smile, small body rather curvy but quite proportionate to her height, and a very firm breasts.
The first time we tried I was very careful. She handles my girth but she must be very aroused and we often use a lubricant, as for length I bottom out in almost any position but I’ve never hurt her. She’s sexually vivacious and I love when her hormonal impulses reach boiling point. I have never hidden her that in the context of intimacy, our physical diversity makes our relationship very special. And she loves this too.


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