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Can manual stretching cause mild ED?

Can manual stretching cause mild ED?

I have recently started pulling [stretching] my penis. I do it for about 4-5 mins twice a day. I do not stretch so much that it hurts.
But I think it is causing problems with firm erections.

What is your experience?


hmm, there are lots of people who complain about temporary problem from this. Are you attempting to get erections immediately after stretching?

I stretch hard for 20-40 mins per day and don’t notice a problem but I jelq too and I get erections easily. You are stretching for a really short amount of time so I’m suprised, are you AI stretching, doing static stretches or what?

I pull and hold it there for about 10 sec. Then I release and pull upward..hold 10 sec then release then left, right up and down the same thing. I also pull and rotate in a circle both clockwise and counterclockwise for 10 sec each.
Am I doing something wrong?

Should I pull and release immediately?



Those are pretty much the ‘standard’ stretches. Are you pulling really hard or just enough to feel the stretch?

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no you’re not doing anything wrong but what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working for you. Try (J)AI stretches instead, they are more intense but you can do them in a shorter time frame. I almost exclusively stretch down (holding for 3-5 mins each stretch in a 20 min session) You might try that.

Are you doing a hot wrap before and after? If not that could ease your problems.

Hey selfjelq,

Yes, do the hotwrap! Also, try the JAI stretches, at least until your unit gets more accustomed to PE. Then you can go with the regular stretches later. Also, make sure that you are gripping on the sides of the shaft primarily, and as far away from contacting the glans as you can effectively stretch.

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thunder makes a good point if you are gripping at the top you are holding at a major point of nerve concentration. If you use an overhand ok grip (thats with the fingers pointing out over your glans) then the soft tissue between you’re thumb and forefinger will nicely pad the nerves.

PE in general

I think cases us to obsess about our units a bit too much. A part of us worries if we could or are harming ourselves. I think that this worry often leads to a certain component of psychological ED.

Now trying to have sex too soon after a session could result in a weak performance due simply to temporary fatigue, however the psychological effect of one weak performance further worsens the psychological ED. Once you have been into pe for a time and your sessions no longer cause temporary fatigue of the erectile tissues it is a good idea to finish your sessions by whipping up a strong erection. If you can get it in that setting it is reassurance you can get it otherwise unless you are experiencing performance anxiety. I try to avoid ejaculation post session but I do about 10-20 min of edging in order to keep maximally pumped for a time.

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Thanks a lot for your response!

I will stop for a few days and then try again.
Maybe I should just hold for 2 sec instead of 10.
No, I do not pull very hard and I do not have any pain.

I’d have to agree with Luvdadus, PE can make a person quite obsessional about size a performance——been there, not fun!!!

I’ve read other post about ED possibly being related to PE, but if you read ALL the posts, you’ll find an overwhelming trend—guys talk about better, stronger erections, even if they have had mild ED in the past. I haven’t had any quantifiable gains, per se, but I have noticed some kick-ass erections as of late, and I’d have to say thats due directly to the jelqing. The mind is a VERY powerful thing, and once you’ve had a bout with ED, man, it’s hard to break that cycle. As long as you realize its a mind game, and that your unit works fine, no worries. Just don’t injure yourself in the process of checking the equipment!!

Memento 3 to 5 minutes stretching firmly. You probably have to have the biggest arms man.

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