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Can light stretching be done on day-off

Can light stretching be done on day-off

Can anyone help me? I have just started PEing and am obviously very motivated. I am doing the newbie routine 2 days on and one day off. I am wondering is it allowable to do some light stretching on my rest days?; I am only talking about doing some ligament stretching when going for a piss etc.

I have read other threads which say that you need days off for repair, but does that apply to ligaments? E.g. As far as I know; after getting penis lengthening surgery you are told to wear weights for a few hours every day for a couple of months. Obviously this means that the ligs don’t need repair breaks for longer than the over-night period between hanging.

This brings me to my last question: If it is ok to stretch every day, do I need a hot wrap before every time I stretch?

I’m hoping some of the veterans would reply to this as I am looking for experience here rather than conjecture.

Apologies if this question is answered in entirety somewhere else I’m still not fully proficient at navigating this site yet.

Hi Irishman!

Days off mean no PE whatsoever to let your dick rest. But I think that “piss pulls”, as we here like to call the quick stretches after taking a leak, aren’t intense and can be done always.

And you need to understand one thing - there is no such thing as allowed in PE. It is up to you. Only you know your penis and how much it can take. Some guys never take days off, some guys have more off days than on, it’s individual.

Now, the warm up. I don’t always warm up. Sometimes it’s a privacy issue, sometimes I’m just downright lazy. Warm up is not a must, but it can only help with PE, since it makes the tissues more pliable - meaning a better stretch, but it also is a prevention of injuries.

Hope I helped a bit. Happy gains!

Thanks Chicken. I suppose the warm up isn’t really for the ligs anyway but more for the dick itself so stretching out the ligs every now and again shouldn’t cause a problem, I think?? - I just don’t want to do too much and set myself back!

Thanks again Mate

I try to do those every time I take a leak. Don’t know if they help with overall gains, but they seem to help with flaccid length immediately following the stretch. FWIW

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