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Can it be done without Jelqing

Can it be done without Jelqing

Hi, I’m not new to PEing, but new to this forum. Anyway I want to know if it’s ok if I just do Horse440s (squeezing the base while erect, then squeezing the head, trapping blood in between) and stretch? Because jelqing is just way too tedious, and with the lubricant and all. Also I don’t use anything but my hands. So what I’m asking is can I get gains with just warming up, Horse440s - 20 mins, each squeeze lasts 20 seconds (so there’s about 12 horses) and stretching about 1 min each for up, down, left, right - overall time for stretching varies, because it’s also tedious. Also I’m afraid to Jelq because my dickhead is already big and I don’t want it to be too big compared to the shaft. So yeah plz reply someone.

Hello sir,

The concept of always Jelqing is the calthistethics of Wee wee bootcamp. It conditions you for all later exercises. While it does look stupid and pointless it is the stretching, upkeep, and mantience to do greater things. Short form: it prevents injuries to your best friend, which is your dick.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by Headtrauma
Also I’m afraid to Jelq because my dickhead is already big and I don’t want it to be too big compared to the shaft.

Jelqing does little to make the glans (head) bigger. Jelqing stretches the erectile tissues in the shaft which have a tough outer covering (the tunica albuginea). The glans has no tunica so even if it seems to expand with the jelq strokes, it returns to its previous shape when you release the pressure.

Knowing the anatomy will help. The glans and the corpus spongiosum (CS), the ridge on the underside of an erect penis which contains the urethra or urine tube, are connected. The two erectile chambers in the shaft, the corpora cavernosa (CC), do not have a direct blood path to the glans (see this image). Jelqing with the recommended “OK” grip (finger and thumb completely surround the penis) can put pressure on the CS which can cause the glans to expand with each stroke. If you’d like to avoid that, use RB’s Method of two handed dry jelqing with only the fingertips on each side of the shaft which avoids putting pressure on the CS/glans. Plus it avoids using lube, which apparently is too much of a bother for you.

The bottom line is that jelqing is the basic exercise for length and girth and it serves to strengthen and condition the penis for more advanced moves. Starting with squeezes without conditioning is asking for a lot of trouble.

Aright, thanks westla, I guess I’ll just have to get used to it

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