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Can I take a break during jelqing

Can I take a break during jelqing

Hi, I am a newbie and I just started the newbie routine a week ago. I followed the instruction in the newbie routine and read the manual. However, I got some questions.

It was told that the jelqing should be done at 60-80% erection and newbie routine require about 200 jelqs in 10 minutes. However, I found it was quite difficult to remain 60-80% for the whole time. Before I started the jelqing session, I can get it about 70% erected, after I jelq for 30-40 stroke, and if I release the “ok grip”, I found that my erection went back to about 25-30%.


1. Should I keep going to jelq or should I make it back to 60-80% erection before continue the jelqing?

2. If I need to get back to 60-80% before going on, I need about 1-2 mins to adjust the correct erection level. Will this time break make the jelqing ineffective?

3. The manual said if the jelqing are done correctly, the penis should be stay fully for several hours, however, mine can only stay for 5 mins and then gradually go back to flaccid state, so am I not doing it correctly?

Thank you.

Yes this is my problem too please help on this topic

This has become a lifestyle for me

1a. I think it’s ok to just keep continuing, but I think you need to focus getting your erection level correct. If it’s too low then try thinking or looking at something that can get you harder/horny.

1b. If you get too erect as a newbie you should stop and let it go down before continuing. A higher erection level is more intensive and thus could lead to injury, but may also lead to more effective gains. If your not a newbie and careful, I think you should continue.

2. Probably not, but I prefer to try to get at least 50 reps done at the right erection level and without my lube drying up.

3. It means fuller, which means you penis is bigger because of the temporary growth cause by inflammation. If you think your penis is sore, that means you exercised it plenty enough.

It’s fine to stop every so often to apply more lube and tease yourself back to the appropriate erection level. I do it every 50 reps or so.

Thanks for the reply. Jelqing is easy to learn, but it is hard to master the skill. Keeping the correct erection level is the most difficult part for me. Also, the grip force intensity is also hard to tell it is too strong or too weak.

Btw, after I finish the jelqing, my penis isn’t stay fully for several hours as the manual described. But there is some slightly hot and burning feel in my penis, (it is not pain).
The burning feel is just so minor, and I can only feel it when I pay attention to it. I think I am doing okay.

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