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Can I spank my monkey before or after PE


Can I spank my monkey before or after PE

Can I spank my monkey before or after PE? If not how long do I have to wait?


Perform a search why don’t you b4 starting another never-ending-answered-question.

Welcome to TP btw

Oh, hehe *before. I’m getting to used to text speak :-)

You have a monkey?

-Still bitter the y2k bug was a dud.

-My dear boy, do you ask a fish how it swims? (No.) Or a bird how it flies? (No.) Of course not. They do it because they were born to do it...

I let my monkey play with beavers. That way he behaves good, and I don’t have to spank him.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Lovingthebeach, you do NOT want Tube to get his hands on your monkey. Hide the poor animal, NOW.

Please :donatecar to Thunder's Place to keep it running.

Lleaving asside, for the moment, ethical concerns of animal abuse:

I don’t know, can you spank your monkey? Perhaps you meant to ask, “may I spank my monkey before or after PE?”

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Is it truly a crime to spank ones monkey? I guess it depends on whether he is innocent or guilty.

Is it really necessary to show that thing to everyone? Yes, yes it is.

Started 03/14/05: FL: 3.2 - FG: 4.25 - EL: 5.75 - EG: 5.25 |8===> Update 06/16/05: FL: 4.5 - FG: 4.9 - EL: 7.0 - EG: 5.65

Here are the pics.

Whatever happened to “choking the rooster”? I always thought that was colorful.



…or “stroking the salami”

Start of PE Mar. 01,2005 5.5" BPEL 5.0" EL 4.5" EG Current as of June. 01,2005 6.25" BPEL 5.75" EL 4.75" EG

Apologies should be sent to lovethebeach. This topic has been discussed so often here that we feel free to have fun with you about it.



Albeit, it’s been discussed a lot. But there is no consensus that I know of. Basically, lovethebeach, there’s a lot of controversy as to whether or not you should masturbate much. My personal opinion is that masturbating before PE isn’t a good idea because some exercises require being “plumped up” a bit, and that can be difficult post-ejaculation.


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