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Can i Reach this goal? from 7.6 till 9 in lenght and from 5.4 till 6.2 circumsized

Can i Reach this goal? from 7.6 till 9 in lenght and from 5.4 till 6.2 circumsized


I am new to this forum, i just started with PE, my lenght at the moment is 7.6 inch or 19 cm, and circumsized its 5.4 or 13,5 centimeter. my goal is 9 inch in lenght and 6.2 in girth? Do you guys think i can get there? Do you have any tips for me. The girth for me is the most important because girth is more important for the most women, also my length is already pretty good and my girl friend already has some problems with it in certain positions. So maybe i should not extend my length at all?

Also i have read that most girls think that 7 inch girth is the best, but if you are 7 inch in girth i dont think you cant get a blowjob any more, i think the max for a good blowjob is probaly 6.2 inch above that it will be to big, or am i wrong with that?

If the head of your penis is smaller the the rest, then its ofcourse not that important, but the head of my penis is maybe even a little bit bigger then the shaft. Or does the head of your penis not grow as fast as the shaft of you penis?

I hope you can help me with some of my questions.

sorry for the bad english.


Uncas, Welcome to Thunder’s. You can do anything you put your mind to. Doesn’t sound too outrageous to me. Do your homework, read read read, and for the love of Pete, TAKE IT SLOW! Don’t injure yourself. There is a whole crap load of info here at your disposal, and even more willingness to help if needed by the members here. Thunder’s is an awesome place if you use it correctly. You will find no better place to help you gain. Here’s some links to get you headed in the right direction.

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Hope you stick around for a while. Good to have you hear. If you have questions do a search, if you can’t get them answered that way then ask and people answer extremly quickly here. Good luck and Happy Gaining!


Oh, I forgot a very important one….Forum Guidlines. I think there is something wrong with your shift key. I would get it checked if I were you. Is that subtle enough?…lol


Welcome to Thunders dude!! Good luck with your PEing

Hey thank you guys, I try to do my best!

Your goals are synonymous to mine. I’d love to be where that goal is but I don’t think I ever will be. I’ve done this so leisurely that I know I wont see gains if I go at this pace. I have gained over 2 cm since I’ve started in length but I doubt I’m going to gain quicker..maybe I’m expecting too much too soon. It is quite pleasing however, to feel bigger after PE. It doesn’t die down unless I don’t PE for a week or so. So really if you don’t have time, at least stretch casually or do a few jelqs if masturbating. Honestly, I keep thinking I will do this seriously but I never do. Lethargy is tragic.

Never heard of a girl wanting 7 inch girth.


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