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can i PE if im still gaining because of puberty (18 years old)

can i PE if im still gaining because of puberty (18 years old)

I just turned 18 a couple of months ago. I came across this site and did a lot of research. I really want to start PE. The thing is that i am still in the late stages of puberty and I’m pretty sure my dick is still growing. (I entered puberty late). Will I still gain more from just maturing? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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I believe you should be able to make it grow faster if you start doing PE. :)

I doubt at 18, you’ll be growing that much more. Mine hasn’t grown noticably in the past year, and I, like you, am just growing out of puberty. (19)

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Mine personally stopped around the age of 15. I have heard that your length stops around 16 but you can keep gaining girth till you are 21, which is why i concentrate more on length anyway. I have heard on here that it wont effect natural growth. I would assume its similar to working out in that it wont stunt your growth and may even enhance it. I think naturally your unit grows at a certain time. If you do pe and it grows, then naturally you grow it will just grow from whatever you have down there. Almost like it will add size to whatever size you have regardless.

My advice would be to take it easy in whatever you do.

Start with the newbie routine and take it very easy. If you were to injure yourself while still growing, you may end up with a disfigured unit!

Gunit, welcome aboard. You have two great advantages going for you, the first being exposed to PE at such an early age, you have a lifetime to grow your dick. Secondly, you’re starting out with some really good length, in fact a lot of guys around here would kill for your starting length. But Andrew is right, take it easy. Read everything and most definitely start in the newbie forum, then read the Injuries and Treatments forum, see where guys have gone wrong so you don’t have to go there. There is tons of stuff you can do to beef up that girth without hurting yourself, just stay away from the advanced routines until your dick is more conditioned.

Good luck

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Thanks for all the advice guys. It really helps. I’m going to take it real careful because I definately dont want to hurt myself. I’m still open for more advice


7.4 nbpel x 4.75 eg

8.5 nbpel x 5.75 eg

Hi again. I have another question. Do u think it is okay to do manual stretches for five minutes at a time as a beginner (out, up, down, left, right) Or should i take it more slowly now? I have been doing this along with 300 jelqs and some kegals each day.


7.4 nbpel x 4.75 eg

LOT: 8:30

8.5 nbpel x 5.75 eg (possible?)


Welcome aboard. I think you have a great advantage of starting PE at an early age. I would give a nut to have known about this stuff even 5 years ago nevermind 25 years ago.

I dont think 5 minutes of stretching is outrageous to answer your question just take it easy.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

If I could be 18 again and had known about PE, I would have done it for sure.

Me too, but at that age it would have taken me days to get through the 300 jelqs this kid is doing. ;)

Welcome aboard, Gunit!

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Go for it. Work toward a gradual increase into a ful PE program. It will enhance what nature is trying to do anyway. In PE gains come over time and you have lots of that. You just need the patience to go with the time.


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