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Can I measure sitting down

Can I measure sitting down

Hey everyone I was wondering if I can measure sitting down because when I stand up my erections goes down within a few seconds, not by a lot but when I am sitting down I am about 90-95 percent erect. When I stand it drops to about 80-85 percent. I been measuring and I am coming up with about 5.2/3 maybe 4 inches and about 4.5 girth. The measurements are NBP. I was wondering if sitting down would some how distort my length at all. I measure pretty much the same when I am standing, but I have to get up from the chair really quick before it drops off lol. thanks guys!

When I measure sitting down I always measure a little bit longer than standing up. Maybe a little less than .25” difference.

Most of what I’ve read says to just measure the same way every single time so you have consistency.

i think it depends on your preference, but one thing for sure, always measure the same to know your real gains.

Yeah some people like to make a fuss over how you measure but as long as you consistently measure the same way each time, it should not be a problem. If you are using this method of measuring in order to correctly track your gains and not for any other reasons, then you are fine.

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