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Can I kegel to much

Can I kegel to much

Hi let me start by saying we love the site. My wife and I are very curious/excited about any results ,and potential I may get following the beginners routine. As I am now 6.5 length and 5.0 in girth (hoping for 7.5 length and 6.5 girth as an end result)

My question is as a beginner can I kegel to much? Should I start slow.. I’m now doing about 200 to 300 a day holding for 2 sec any input would be help full thanks.

No, you may kegel all day long, no problem at all.

Thank you very much (fast Reply )!

It’s not so easy to kegel all day long.

For example, when my boss is barking to me, more often than not, I forget to kegel at the very moment and afterwards because of some sort of disgust.

What I want to say here is that it’s easy to forget to kegel when doing other things.

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No. Kegel long, kegel hard, kegel constantly. Kegel when you sleep, when you fuck, when you piss.

Oh, you can’t kegel when you piss.

Never mind.

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Muscles react best to varying stimuli. Try doing fewer, longer kegels some days, taking at least one day a week off for full recovery, doing sets of higher repetition lower intensity and lower repetition higher intensity. Try all the things you would in a gym.

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