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Can I keep the gain forever

Can I keep the gain forever

Hello, guys! My doubt is very simple: when we workout at the gym, we can never quit, otherwise we lose muscle, right? What about the inches we gain by PE exercises? Do we lose it if we quit doing PE exircises, or, once we gain an inch or two, we never lose it?

Gains are mostly permanent.

Originally Posted by SS4Jelq
What does ‘cementing gains’ mean?

When you make a gain, be it FSL or EL, if you stop doing PE it will likely go away. You need a few weeks more of continued PE to ‘cement’ the gain, so that it is permanent. To do this, continue with the routine that got you the gain in the first place. After reaching their goals, most people taper off PE, dropping the amount they do slowly over a period of months to make sure the gains are cemented. This is called the maintenance period.

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I didn’t loose any gains, but that is my bad luck. I wish I would have lost some, but that is a long story (no pun intended). Some guys here have gains that have gone away, but if you do not do any

maintenance exercises what do you expect. All I do for maintenance is the piss pull, and over the years I have slightly gained from that. I haven’t PE’d in years. I reached my goal and continued.

I am on a decon break and after two weeks of just mild wet jelqs its too early to tell, but I do notice fuller flaccid and girthier erections, and my foreskin seems slightly tighter.

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People who have taken years off of PE have reported a partial loss of their gains. However, they also say the gains come back to em faster than they originally put them back on.

Makes sense, all muscle tissue (and some connective tissue) will go into a state of atrophy if it isn’t used like it once was.

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