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Can I do the jelq squeeze?

Can I do the jelq squeeze?

I have been jelqing for roughly a month and a half, in that month and a half I have experienced greater EQ. Harder, longer, and thicker erections. To be honest not sure how much length or girth gained as I DID NOT measure my before. DO NOT DO THIS PEOPLE. MEASURE YOUR PECKER. But I am completely sure I have gained a good amount both ways as my girlfriend has complimented on it and has seemed to love it even more.

I was just wondering if I can do jelq squeezes and if I should. My biggest problem is girth as I’m about 5.25 midshaft and I would love to get to 5.5 eventually.
Right now my routine is, and has been for a week, 1. 5 minute warm up, 2. 7 minute stretch, 3. 200 jelqs (usually tires me out pretty well but never hurts), and I end with 25 jelq squeezes as I’m not sure if I could do more but it is always better to start low and work your way up! Also I include a warm down. I was wondering if it is safe to do the jelq squeezes. So far I have been fine with night and morning wood. Strong erection quality. No pain. No hard veins. I do see more veins and veins bracket things on my dick after the workout though. My dick is just tired and fatigued (a slight bit) but so far there’s been no pain or bad signs I believe so. Just wondering if it’s ok to go ahead and continue this routine! Thanks!

Bumb. Opinion needed.

Originally Posted by LiquidHeroine

Bumb. Opinion needed.

You probably wouldn’t get injured.

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Normaly you only change your routine if you dont gain anymore or want to gain differently.

It sounds good what you do. Just monitor your PI ‘s (EQ) and check how you react to any modifications of your routine.
Just ease in any new exercises you do. And then slowly increase the intensity.

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