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Can I change my erection angle with Newbie Routine?

Can I change my erection angle with Newbie Routine?

I have been using the Newbie Routine for over a month and a half now. The Newbie Routine is going great for me. I have not injured myself which is my top priority. All of my PIs register positive. I have nothing at all to gripe about.

PE has given me a chance to get to know my penis better. I pay much more attention than I ever have to the details of my phallus. The angle of my erection is 90 degrees, or straight forward. When correctly measuring my penis (standing up measuring parallel to the ground) I measure half an inch shorter than if I am sitting. When I stand my penis retracts about that much into my body. When I bend my erection downwards toward the floor I measure similarly to when I am sitting down.

My penis ‘appears’ much larger when I am 85% erect and standing because it is engorged but at a lower angle. I would be content if I could train my erect penis to permanently hang at a lower angle (and remain healthy). If I gained an inch and my erection remained straight forward I would probably be unsatisfied.

My question is can I append any technique to my Newbie Routine to lower my erection angle over some period of time? I have read on TP that stretching downwards will help and I also wet jelq downwards. Would I need to hang in the future to reach this goal?

My current routine:
5m Warm Wrap & Kegel
5m Manual Stretch (downwards)
2m Warm Wrap & Kegel
5m Manual Stretch (downwards)
500 Wet Jelqs (downwards)
2m Warm Wrap & Kegel
Traction Wrap

Does anyone else share my feelings about wanting a lower erection angle?

really big. want the biggest.

What do you mean 90 degrees? Does it point to the ceiling when your erect or does it stick straight out parallel to the floor? If it’s the latter, I think you’re angle is pretty normal and going far below it would not look nice. Mine is much much worse because it points to the sky when I’m erect and I’m having a hard time with certain positions. I believe stetching down more will do the trick.

My erection is parallel to the floor. Appearing normal doesn’t mean a thing to me. My erection is quite impressive when it’s not pointing straight forward. I am training diligently for length gains. If I leave more than half an inch sitting behind my fat pad I am falling short of my potential. Lowering my erection angle alone would bring that hidden length from behind the fat pad.

really big. want the biggest.

I attached an image of a protractor where I marked off the angles to help visualize what I am describing.

RED = Current Erection Angle
BLUE = Desired Erection Angle

Attached Images
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really big. want the biggest.

I definitely see where you’re coming from. My erection angle is probably 20-30 degrees more upwards than yours when I’m 100% erect. On top of that it has a slight upward curve and I’m a tall guy so the distance between my eyes and my penis are larger than average I assume. Sure gives you an illusion of having a shorter dick.

Hanging does seem like your safest bet to get a lower erection angle but stretching and jelqing downwards should help too so I don’t think that you need to implement hanging into your routine unless you feel that jelqing and stretching are not working. You only want to lower it by ten degrees too so it seems like an achievable goal. Maybe I’m going out on a limb but shouldn’t the erection angle become lower automatically as your penis becomes heavier (girth gains mainly)?

I don’t have very much PE experience so hopefully someone more experienced can chime in with advice here. Keep in mind though that many girls like a higher erection angle because it makes the penis seem “more erect”.

Oh I got it now. So based on the pic you’ve provided, I’m at 20 or 30 degrees when fully erect which really sucks. lol. Well like I’ve said doing more downward stretches and jelqing will lower you erection angle eventually. That’s what I’ve read from previous threads with similar topic. And when you’re conditioned enough hanging will be a greater help like the guy above said. Good luck!

I get what your saying Pushin It about the added size weighing the penis down to a lower angle. It would be great if that were so and I hope it is.

I will give it another 10 months before hanging. I am eager to see what I can get out of training with the Newbie Routine alone for a year. If after that time I don’t have the desired erection angle I will give hanging a try.

really big. want the biggest.

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