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Can growth hormone increases gains

Can growth hormone increases gains

Hi my name is rabo I started PE about a year ago but didn’t stick to it like I wanted and got sidetracked due to work, play, and pregnant girlfriend. Anyway I’ve decided to start back and be perseverent in my routines since I now am free of those worries. A guy told me that artificial growth hormone can increase the length of your ligaments, does this mean it could help me gain extra length or would it end up doing more harm than anything else. Has someone ever used growth hormone in this forum and if so what effects did it have on you please inform me. Thanks alot guys and don’t worry as soon as I find another job I will be donating pretty soon.

If GH caused ligaments to stretch, many bodybuilders would have severely unstable joints! It is far more likely that GH would increase the strength of ligaments, making them harder to stretch.

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Originally Posted by rabbdog8705
or would it end up doing more harm than anything else.

Yes. Welcome to thunders!

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