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Can anyone critique my modified newbie routine

Can anyone critique my modified newbie routine

So I’ve done a little research here and there, and I stumbled upon the new city jelq technique, saying that flaccid jelqing is more efficient for erect length gain. So instead of doing erect-ish jelqs (which are supposably better for girth) , I incorporated the new city jelqs instead. (If you don’t know what New city Jelqs are, you basically jelq flaccid and instead of pulling out, you pull straight down, until you feel a lig stretch) I also decided to hit the tunica as well, flaccid jelqs straight up instead of down, till you feel your tunica stretch. I am also uncut.

So my routine looks a little like this

5 min hot wrap

5 min manual stretch (30 sec hold)

100 NC dry jelqs straight down (5 sec hold throughout)

100 NC dry jelqs straight up (5 sec hold throughout)

50 Kegal (5sec hold)

10 min hot wrap

I modified the normal routine because I wanted to target length more than girth. I started PE maybe like 2 1/2 weeks ago, and I’ve been doing this routine for a week n a half. It feels like it’s working, because I feel like both ligs and tunica are sort of sore after PE. But I’m also a newbie, so I don’t really know. Do you think I’m maybe doing too much to start off with? Or am I good? Any feedback appreciated.

NYC jelqs are awesome. The problem I have with them is I can’t keep myself from swelling up. And NYCs aren’t effective at all if you have anything more than a 40-50% erection.

My only suggesstions for you would be the following…

1. Did you try them wet? dry jelqs will probably target girth more than length

2. I wouldn’t bother jelqing up. Do all of them down, and don’t forget the L-stretch at the end of each NYC jelq (that’s the real key to them). That stretch targets your tunica so you won’t need to jelq upwards to target that specifically.

Yea I usually have to bust one out to do NYC jelqs. I’d say my erection lvl is around 20-30 percent. And I’ve never tried them wet. I feel like I get a better grip with dry jelqs because I’m uncut, but I can try it out wet if it’ll work better, no sweat. And what exactly is the L-stretch? I think I might’ve missed that detail when I was going thru the thread.

Oh and by the way, what we’re your results with NYC jelqs?

Here ya go:

At the end of the stroke, I stop just behind the glans and hold a stretch in this position, then turn my hand out so that the glans is forming the foot of an L before releasing for the next stroke. Strokes are slow, between five and ten seconds.

Basically, you just bend your dick to the left and to the right so your dick literally forms the shape of an L. You can REALLY feel the stretch when you do it.

I never stuck with NJC jelqs long enough to obtain results. Like I said, I always got too erect when doing them.

Edit: I just realized that I was calling them NYC jelqs, as in New York City :) I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be New Jelq City (NJC) ;)

Sounds like a pretty intense exercise overall. I’m going to drop the upward jelq and add the L stretch instead. Thanks for your reply.

On another note, did you ever see anyone post results from the NJC jelqs? I looked through the thread, saw alot of people saying that they were going to start doing them, but I never really saw them coming back and posting results.. Or if anybody out there has gained length from the NJC jelqs, feel free to chime in! :)

Edit: Oh dang, I started calling them NYC jelqs too.. Thanks alot Gator! Haha just playing

Movin On Up He used them a lot.

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