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Can a day spent edging be considered a rest day

Can a day spent edging be considered a rest day

Yesterday (Sunday) was supposed to be my off day for PEing, unfortunately, since I had practically nothing to do yesterday I spent almost half the day edging, ballooning my dick and being on the brink of cumming but never actually cumming. This morning when I went to jelq my dick was sore from all the edging I did yesterday and I was basically worried that what I did yesterday was counter productive in my PE process. When I take a rest day, should I just leave my dick alone period? I’m worried my dick didn’t have a chance to recover like it was supposed to.

Thats funny because yesterday was supposed to be my rest day and I basically edged for 4 hours all together because I was home alone with nothing to do besides watch porn and work out, Personally Im going to wait untill night to do my PE because of the fact that my dick is sore. I dont think there is anything wrong with doing a little edging kegeling , and stretching on your off days but we might have overdone it with hours and hours of edging without cumming. In moderation it should be fine.

Take your day off today, but make frequent trips to the bathroom and do gentle stretching (not lig stretches) to keep it fully flaccid. By tonight it should be heavy and dense in it’s flaccid state, not like an empty sack.

No worries, but there isn’t anything wrong with taking 2 days off, IMO. Especially if you think you over-worked it.

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It depends on the guy.

Some people find edging very stressful, others don’t

I am ok as long as I don’t go longer than 45 minutes. If I do it is worn out completely. So I try to stick with no longer than 30 minutes.

On the day off thing — listen to your body. If your dick wants a day off, give it one.

My first few months were very haphazard schedule wise, I still grew.

I have also grown after taking a week off.

So days off have been good for me.

I agree with sta-kool.

Though there are some guys that do not take rest days at all and still gains! But they are much prone to injuries.

Make a search on the subject, it will broaden your horizons a bit about rest days.

Cheers Padawan.

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Thanks for the replies, I will see how my dick feels tomorrow and do what tallheart said and do light stretches when I go to the bathroom. Lesson learned I guess, no edging for more than 45 minutes, I probably edged for more than 4 hours yesterday, and desperately wanted release but I held in there haha.

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