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Camera phone

Camera phone


I’m new to this forum and I have a question about camera phones. Do they take accurate pictures? When I take a picture of my penis from the top it looks bigger for some reason. How can you tell if the photos are accurate?

They have a really bad distortive effect up close. If your penis looks about 8inches midshaft and 3.5 at the base, your probably holding the camera too close. Why not do camcorder(if your phone can) then pick a good quality snapshot.

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Also taking a picture with your cock lined up with a ruler helps too.


Hi tenchi03,

I am not much of a photographer but have read other guys saying the same thing. Apearently their can be a bit of distortion with the camera phones; also, lots of guys find that even with the best of cameras their penises simply look bigger in a picture. I would suggest taking a picture with either a ruler or some basic object for contrast. Pack of cigarettes, can of Coke, whatever.

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Thanks for the advice!

Originally Posted by Aquemniex

Also taking a picture with your cock lined up with a ruler helps too.



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