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Cable clamps

Cable clamps

I just started PE 4 weeks ago.

I am not going to clamp or a nother 8 weeks but had a ?.

Cable clamps are not made for this, right . So you can buy them from a store (like wal-mat and target)

Home Depot in hardware

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I found the clamps in Wal-Mart.

Wal-mart for sure, but I’ll check Target and get back to everyone on it.

Yes, the HOME DEPOT has them! It is almost scary how they put displays on almost every isle! Does someone here work for home depot making sure that our precious cable clamps are easily found? I am not that fond of the HOMO-DEPOT but I will give credit, they do have whatever need to build anything I.e. House, shed, lawn and garden and even a HUGE COCK! HA HA HA

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