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Bye to Ego and Confidence

Bye 2 Ego and Confidence

Hey whats up everyone? i am new to this forum and i thought i should explain why i decided to join. Well i have always thought i might not have had the best size i could have had. But this weekend i found out for sure…. The best piece of ass i ever had said i had a small dick -=[. well i measure at 5 1/2 length by 5 girth i was wondering if it is possible to safley grow to 8x6. I was also interested in purchasing a pump, but i didn’t want to go out and buy the most effective “LOOKING” one cause any company can put convincing words on a box. Thanks for all the help.


oh yea, does anyone have any suggestions on pills/vitamins i should take?

Hey Time nice to meet you,

This is a horrible thing for someone to say to you. I’m sure you feel very badly about it. The woman in question was obviously trying to hurt you. You have an average length, certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

Yes it is possible to gain 2 1/2” length and 0.5” girth. There are many methods on this site, just start reading :) Go to the faq first and then start reading through the newbie forum.

A lot of people here (myself included) are looking for > 2” gains.

Try a search on l-argenine for supplements, but ignore any of the ads for penis pills.

You need to make a commitment to yourself now. Commit to a 2 year program and look forward to seeing the results.

thanks momento, but to clear things up about the her saying about me being small. she told her friend and thats how i found out, it wasn’t really direct from her. i also have another problem when it comes to sex, i get really insecure and have a problem getting 100% erect is there anyway to help with this? i don’t really want to take viagra or somthing like it. thanks


Once you start PE’ing you will notice a substantial increase in the quality and hardness of your erections. This will help you with your confidence.

As you grow you will probably feel more secure but I guess its important to note that your ability to think positively about yourself is probably of major import.

does anyone have a pump they suggest? thanks

Hey Time:

The odd thing is that it actually takes a lot of confidence to start PE! It doesn’t always seem that way at first. Think about it. You will spend 15 - 60 minutes a day stretching, stroking, and massaging your penis. You will buy the perfect lubricant to aid in these evdeavors. You may even purchase certain herbs and other supplements to assist your body’s natural process and a ruler and tape measure will become faithful companions. Most of the world would think this is strange and not at all worth the effort — just a poor desperate fool spitting into the wind.

Not us!! You know why? Because we see our full potential. Not only as body parts but as people as well. We aren’t poor desperate fools!!! We have no respect for “imposed limits.” They are an insult to who we are! It is this confidence (consciously or unconsciously) that spurs us on. Trust me, if 8x6 was not possible, you would not even be thinking about it (that also happens to be my goal).

The bottom line is — who cares what other people think about your or my penis size. It’s what we think that counts. We should not allow anyone or anything dictate what we think about ourselves to us. I agree 100% with Momento “your ability to think positively about yourself is probably of major import.”

So, start your PEing happy with yourself now. Be happy with yourself in the middle and be happy with yourself at the end. You will witness great “success.”

As for good pumps, I’d visit the “Pumper’s Forum.”

I agree with these guys totaly. I’m new to this forum as well and it takes a hell of a step to do somthing like this or any sort of self improvement for that matter. Let’s say she didnt like your body weight….It would be a stab at that or anything that somone may think that will get to you.

I don’t know if she was trying to hurt you or not but like these fellows said, it’s all about what is in your head that matters. For a long time somthing like that would have crushed me, but now I realize that the only thing that matters is that i’m happy with me and thats it.

Another thing to remember is that the majority of people that aim these sort of comments towards others only means that they are not satisfied with somthing about themselves. Lack of self confidence is usually easy to pick up on.

So I say to you my friend, Screw what others think….It’s your body and your life point blank. Start PE to better YOU not because somebody is unhappy with somthing about you. This is a step for you not “them”…..Best luck with your goals!!!


Go for the GOALd!

BYW - Time: you can get more than 0.5 inch girth, I already got more than 1 inch girth and in only 9 months, I’d say it’s possible to get between 1 to 2 inch girth gain if you play your cards right, who knows - maybe even more.

hey timetogrow, anger can be a gift, turn these womans words into raging motivation to PEing. PE is working like a charm for me, and I have been PEing for less than a month I think. Just be very carefull when pumping, high risk of overtraining.


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