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Buy extender or try to make one

Buy extender or try to make one

I want to really get a extender but to afraid of getting ripoff or better yet it just not working at all. I seen a-unit and he has gain a inch from a homemade extender, what a good way to see if it work and not put a lot of your hard earn money into and getting hoodwink but it seem easier to buy one if your not so good with your hands. But if it’s not to hard and can be done can and will it be just as effective as it was for a-unit.

If you want a traditional penis extender, buy the one LeLuv sells on eBay. It’s no different from any of the more expensive extenders, and it’s 55 bucks. How much are you really going to save by buying all of the pieces in small quantities? Not to mention the hassle of building it. Not worth the trouble IMO.

I just checked out the LeLuv extender, I’ve been thinking about getting one too. Even though I could hang more I think it might help with skin stretching. Looks like a good quality product.

Originally Posted by MoreSize1

If you want a traditional penis extender, buy the one LeLuv sells on eBay. It’s no different from any of the more expensive extenders, and it’s 55 bucks. How much are you really going to save by buying all of the pieces in small quantities? Not to mention the hassle of building it. Not worth the trouble IMO.

Have you tried one these extenders from leluv from eBay. If so have you gain anything and in what time. Would you buy it again knowing more about pe now and the diff type of extender and devices it offers.

Is there a link to see this extender on EBay?

I have a noose-based extender from eBay. Bought it for ~30 bugs (including shipment). Works perfectly. However the noose is not very comfort and these days I’ll try to link it somehow with the silicone cup of my ADS.

P.S. LeLuv extender looks more comfortable than mine which is like this - http://cgi(dot)ebay(dot)com/Penis-EXTENDER-4-Rods-enlarger-NEW-/220664158301?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item33609bd85d

just replace (dot) with . to have a working URL.

Starting 06/2010 with BPEL 5.25'', EG 5''

Goal: BPEL 6", EG 5

Long term goal: 7x6

I would never use a traditional extender herewego. Too much pain, too little gain. I think they’re bullshit compared to hanging, ADS, ADC and hydropumping, but to each his own. Everybody has different things work for them, so what works best for me might not be true for everyone else. I own Leluv’s nipple cylinders/bicycle pump combination and $36 shipped for the nipple cylinders ($70+ shipped from pumping stores), wiring harness ($20-25 plus shipping) and pump I didn’t need was a great deal for a quality product. The nipple cylinders are a strong acrylic, on par with cylinders from places like Vacutech. Their products are good, and others on Thunders and MOS have said so. I’m sure they can do something as basic as a penis extender, and the link I saw here lead to a listing where all 200 sold. It looks like they have two extender options now:…=item2eb3088730…=item3364cc9158

If you want an extender, it’s going to be hard to beat that deal.

Why is Ebay asking for credit card info just to look at the site?

Jan. 2011 BPFL 4 7/8" FG 3 7/8" BPEL 5 7/8" EG 5"

I looked at the LeLuv Extender and it looks as well made as most, and it has both the noose-type and comfort-strap type head attachments, but there’s a BIG problem. There’s not a foam interface for either the noose or the strap and you ABSOLUTELY need those for comfort. Otherwise the noose will choke the chicken and lead to bruising and a swollen, purple head while the comfort strap will transfer most of the tension to it’s upper leading edge while the strap surface below merely slides over the penis. Read the copy of the post I made below about the problem of the foam interface. The best solution I’ve found is to use a section of one of the silicone tubes sold by Monkeybars. Read the entire post, it’s hip you to some of the interface problems:


I have the KR Extender with the noose. Later I bought the JES Extender with the so-called comfort strap. They are both useful and both provide somewhat different stretching properties & experiences. I alternate them regularly.

The KR Extender is made with the same quality as the early JES with noose. He provides a very good comfort foam tube that fits over the silicone noose that, for me, prevents my chicken from being strangle and provides whatever length of wearing time I want. It’s made of very dense foam, not the squishy foam that comes with some products. Oh, now and then I misposition it enough that I get a pinching sensation and have to cut that day’s session short, but generally it’s a winner. I found that the noose seems to stretch the penis more towards the top where the noose is, and less in the middle and bottom sections.

BUT THERE’S A PROBLEM AND IT’S NOT A LITTLE ONE: TRY TO GET HIM TO SEE YOU A REPLACEMENT FOAM COVER FOR THE NOOSE. He doesn’t offer it on his site and he did not answer my query about providing one. He provides two of them and once they wear out you’re on your own. More on this below.

The JES Extender with the comfort strap gets a good grip on about half an inch just under the penis head and therefore stretches the penis better toward the middle and bottom, and not as much at the top. The comfort of this strap and effectiveness with which it grips the penis depends almost entirely on the foam interface—the foam piece which fits over the penis and lies just underneath the strap. In my opinion, this is the BIG failing of these straps. The JES came with some flimsy, what do they call it?—life foam? Which tore up in about two weeks. Fortunately—AND HERE’S THE BIG USEFUL TIP— I had purchased the KR Extender Gold which came with a number of silicone pressure tubes to roll over the penis and hold a molded weight at the end. (Not sure of their effectiveness at all but they’re a swell fetish item.) I cut a 1/2 inch section of one of the blue one’s with a matte knife (nice clear straight cut) and used it to replace the cheap foam product and guess what? IT WORKS ABOUT 10 TIMES BETTER! The silicone has more surface tension, gripping both the penis and the strap well, and wears all day without the chafing that the rough surfaced foam inflicted. It’s a superior substitute. Caveat: On his site, Monkeybars says he will only sell the silicone tubes as a replacement item to existing customer. So my recommendation is, get whichever KR Extender package includes the silicone tubes, purchase the comfort strap headpiece with strap at Ebay (they’re selling it for around $40 there for people who have the noose-type product) and VOILA! You’re set.

Not so easy is replacing the noose foam cover with something that works. BIG COMPLAINT AHEAD: I purchased an expensive substitute product from the X-4 site and got a cheap foam product that collapses within a couple of hours. Chicken choking time and mucho pain. I tried their comfort strap product as well and it’s inferior too, though not much different than the foam interface that JES provided.

These guys need to get their act together on suitable replacement foam products. Otherwise I’m left believing they just see their customers as marks to be ripped off. Meanwhile, the search for a suitable foam cover for my extender noose goes on.

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