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Butter and sherry

Butter and sherry

I had read about the use of butter in masturbating or jelqing from another source online. I had tried it a few times before, but last night I tried a mixture of butter and sherry. Oddly enough it seemed to work really well in producing a really great erection for edging. I do recommend placing a large towel on the floor and have plenty of paper towels and napkins on hand, and perhaps some liquid soap and wash cloth. Something about butter makes it feel so thick and slippery, better than olive oil. It could get expensive, and messy so I haven’t done it many times. Oh, I also immediately showered and washed it off after I was done. I don’t know if it would be so good to leave butter on overnight.

A year ago I had tried olive oil with some red pepper seeds added, makes it feel very warm. Some herb was recommended to add to oil from an Indian medicine web page. What other types of lube have people tried?

If you add a little flour, turkey stock and cream then you will also have a really excellent gravy for your Christmas dinner after you are done jelquing too. But on a more serious note I can see butter being nice and slick but what theoretically is the alcohol doing for the jelque since I thought alcohol was a vasal constrictor but may be wrong on that.

Only lube i’ve tried is the kind labeled “LUBE”.

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Nowhere man,
I just thought I would try it, I thought that alcohol was the opposite, a blood vessel relaxer. When someone drinks alcohol doesn’t it cause a red flush in the ears, nose etc…and general warmth? That is why some drink strong alcoholic drinks in the winter to feel warm. Its only a good idea if you are inside in front of a warm fireplace, and know you will be there for awhile. Topical applications might do something else. I only tried it once, and it felt nice and warm.

I had second thoughts about bringing up alcohol in reference to pe after posting it. Its probably NOT a great idea for most, as judgement is needed when doing pe. I wouldn’t want anyone to be on an episode of “1,000 ways to die” doing pe. Topical application might be ok, if anyone can prove one way or another if its really helpful in anyway.

I’ve heard jelly is great to jack-off with. It helps if you have some videos of farm animals to watch, too!


Originally Posted by nowhereman
If you add a little flour, turkey stock and cream then you will also have a really excellent gravy for your Christmas dinner after you are done jelquing too.


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Yeah, I thought this was going to be a recipe thread. What kind of sherry was it? It would be a crime to do anything with a nice fino but drink it.

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I could be wrong about the alcohol but do believe that when taken internally it would cause blood vessels to constrict. As for external use I’m honestly not sure. I could see where the evaporation might cause a cooling effect that could result in a plumper penis because a long time ago I used an organic mint cream that was very nice in that way. Maybe it or another alcohol could help against turtling? I don’t think you would die from some external alcohol short of doing something crazy like an enema so I don’t see a big problem there.

Well, doing a few online searches, most of the sources indicate that its a vasodilator. More especially at lower doses when taken internally. One source said that it could act at a vasoconstrictor at higher doses. I remember that most people feel more relaxed with a drink or two, lowering ones blood pressure from the vasodilation. But if one is an alcoholic, it raises the blood pressure over time. So, maybe its a matter of how much is consumed and how often, and how regularly.

Doing some search on alcohol and the skin, I found that some small amount of alcohol is absorbed. This study concerned disinfecting hands, but I imagine that some might be absorbed with brandy, sherry etc…Although its not nearly as concentrated.
There are some other sources about the use of ethanol medically for the penis. But its injected, so, nothing you would want to do at home. But it did have something to do with improving circulation. But, overall, I don’t know if its the best thing.

What I was getting at about mixing alcohol and pe was drinking. One wouldn’t want to drink or be drunk while doing pe. Too many eposides of that show involved alcohol.


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