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Busting caps / red spots

Busting caps / red spots

If I’m bursting capillaries, then the pressure is too high, and I’ve got to build up to that. Should I eventually not want to see any red spots at all?

I don’t know if I’m close here, but if I’m bursting capillaries, they are not getting a chance to stretch and grow bigger, so I’m sort of defeating the purpose of enlarging- I’m starting from scratch all over again. Or should they toughen up and eventually, I won’t see them anymore? Or is this just genetic and some people have stronger capillaries, and other people have ones that are more prone to breaking.

Thanks guys

Excuse the title, I made a mistake with spell checker “busting caps / red spots”


Many guys experience the red dots when the first start PE. It takes a week or so of conditioning for the penis to get used to the pressure. Keep doing your routine, but give yourself a day off when you get spots. They should stop appearing after your body adjusts.

Yep, they do. The first week I started my PE, red dots appeared ALL over my dick. After the third week, a little then after 5-6 weeks, none appeared. I now apply more pressure :P

Thanks guys

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