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Burning rashes.

Burning rashes.

Hey everyone! I have a serious problem. I have been jelqing for about a month now, and I have seen some small, yet encouraging gains and I would like to continue to do so. Just recently I’ve gotten red spots on my shaft. I’ve looked through these forums and assumed they were burst vessels or whatever and didn’t mind. I then bought some baby oil, (I was using cocoa butter lotion before) and the redness intensified and became itchy. I didn’t mind though until just recently it has started to burn severely. Anyone else have this? Is it just my switch in lube? Help?

It could be but it is never a good idea to keep going if your dick gives you a negative reaction. Stop until it clears up and then monitor it closely when you start back up to see if it is your exercises or lotion.

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I had a same reaction a couple of days ago, and i was already experiencing better EQ so i ignored it but then after a while it was hard not to notice because my dick would itch and it was getting dry for some reason. Anyways i didn’t wanted to stop but i knew i had to or else it would get worse, i mean there’s no point on having a big penis if you can’t use it, so i stopped for a while which was around 4 to 5 days and the itching and dryness went away. Now I’m back on PE but I’m using a different lotion now (one that contains Aloe Vera) which people say its good for the skin and so far i haven’t seen any problems so my advice to you is to stop doing PE until it clears up then start back up but use a different lotion/lube and make sure to clean yourself up after your PE sessions.

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Alright cool, thanks guys! I have stopped for a day now and the itchiness and the redness has gone away. Now the skin is just dry and slightly coarse. But EQ and overall health, (minus exterior damage) is good. I think I’ll do what you said and try some aloe next time around, you know, after a few days or so. Anyways, thanks again! It’s a relief to hear some advice on this kind of subject, especially when it could not turn out all that good. Thanks!


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