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Burning rashes return.

Burning rashes return.

Hello all, I posted before about the burning rashes on my penis shaft. I’ve done some research and found out that it wasn’t my lube, and it wasn’t entirely my exercises either. Although the friction caused by doing the exercises was part of the problem, it still seems to be caused by other issues as well. I’m talking about psoriasis of the penis. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. I’m posting this for people who were like me, who had the symptoms, but couldn’t quite diagnose the problem. Psoriasis of the penis. I am also wondering if anybody else has HAD this, and due to the fact that it’s not so serious of an issue (but is still very uncomfortable), is it okay if I continue with my PE? Should I just use more lube? Could that be what sparked it? And can I still jelq after I apply steroid cream?

Also, I have seen some decent length gains in my first month (around an inch!) But minimal girth gains, which is what I would really rather be seeing.. What are some good natural PE’s (things that I can do with just hands, no clamps or anything like that.) that are geared more towards girth gaining?

Basically anything you can do with your hands to increase the girth. Hand clamping, squeezing, semi-erect bending, and any variations of those you can think up. You can do some searching around here on manual girth work and find all kinds of possibilities.

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