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Buried Penis

Buried Penis

Hey guys. I came here because I’m ashamed of my body. My whole life, I’ve been laughed at.

It’s not like I can work harder and fix my buried penis, is it? It doesn’t take skill to grow it bigger.

I’m working on a wearable prosthesis for the man with a small member.

So far, I’ve been studying up on different aspects - suction and weight.

I think I’ve found something. It’s a pump, when I insert my penis into the tip, it grabs. I can wear a weight on the end. I can use it as a tugger. I can wear an extendable penis.

Tell me what you think! :)

I don’t think I have permission to post pics yet. Will show you when I do. :)


Welcome to the forum, I am sure you can find all the answers and support you are looking for here. :)

Hopefully you can find a way to see your body in a more positive way. My experience is that most people laugh at others only so they don’t get laughed at themselves.

When you feel comfortable, feel free to share your starting measurements, and look into the newbie routine which is actually a great all in one routine for length and girth. We usually advise staying away from devices until you get a good feel for what you are capable of with manual exercises.

Good luck!

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Hi Wondercookie,

Welcome to the forum.

I’m sure you’ve been to doctors, so I’ll skip that bit. If your penis is entirely buried, I’m not sure what you can do or how successful it will be. If you’ve managed to attach something to the glans though and can pull, maybe something can be gained. If, when erect you can encircle the penis easily, you may be able to jelq.

It’s really hard, without knowing where you are, to make suggestions but it seems you are thinking this through and understanding what can be adapted for you.

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@Wondercookie, are you severely overweight with body fat?

No - I have very little body weight. All my fat is kept in my pubic area. Thanks for being so concerned.

How do I post a video of this device I have intented?

You can hang up to 10 lbs on it and it grabs your dick. With suction on the tip.

Or convert it to webm and post that in the Member Pics forum.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

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