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Bunch of %#@& Newbies!



Just have found this! Wish I’d seen this a couple of years ago!

Don’t the “orange bends” deserve a place in the manual? Or has it been determined that Sadsak slinkies are a close enough description of the same thing?

BPEL = 4.9", MSEG = 4.6" [June 2014]

BPEL = BRB, MSEG = 4.8" [August 2014]

This is my first post, my goal is to gain 2 inches.

Hope the exercise works

Welcome aboard jmanxx, and good luck.

Hello Everyone,

Recently joined and looking for good instr from this site. I have some exp with this; have a penis stretcher but sometimes that
Is painful after 3-4 hrs of wear. Hope hand techniques are better.

I am at 5.5 in erect and 4.25 girth. Goal to be 8.0” & 6.0” erect. Would like to be at least 5.0 flacid; look more muscular. I hope this is possible.

Welcome Mark. Sure newbie routine is better for overall gains and penis health; reading around here you’ll have also best advices on how to use at the best your stretcher.

I bless you reach your goals.

Will writing in the forum threads increase the size of my penis?

(Please don’t answer)

"If your not enough without it, you'll never be enough with it"

Cool Runnings.

Hey fellas! I’ve just signed up to this site after I stumbled across someone mentioning it on their online profile.

I’m about 5.5in in length and would like to add 1-2 inches!

I just want to know what routines have people had success with?

And exactly how much force should you apply?

As a conclusion, penis enlargement[/url] community is a fantastic place to visit. Get some sincere advice early and start making friends who’ll help you out in avoiding bad deals and other scams.

Link removed.

You here to spam dayseeker?

Sorry, I am new here

Hello.. I’m newbie.. So help me.

Marinera.. Is it possible to enlarge penis 2 inchs in two month?


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