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Bumps under foreskin. Injury?

Bumps under foreskin. Injury?


Please help. I need some advice from the experts in PE. Recently I discovered 3 small bumps under my foreskin which was never there in the past. When I fully retract my foreskin, 2 of the bumps are found at the base of my foreskin, where it meets the shaft. another bump is found near the frenulum (the most sensitive part on the underside of the penis). The bumps are most noticeable when I get an erection.

The bumps are around the size of a drop of water and appear like normal skin color.It is quite hard, when pressed on, it is not painful but slightly uncomfortable.

It is not STD coz I have not had sex for more than 6 months.Currently I am doing some of the PE exercises like JELQ, BTC, Stretches every other day.

PLEASE ADVICE? What are they? Did I use too much force/pressure when doing the PE exercises? Is it an injury? Will it go away? I am too embarrassed to go and ask the doctor.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Don’t rule out an STD just because you haven’t had sex in 6 months, it very well could be one. It could also be some sort of blister from jelqing. There is just no way for us to know. I really think you do need to see a doctor.

This is my first post, so hello to everyone who reads it. Like all of you I am obsessed with my wanker, and therefore possess seemingly useless info about it….that is until times like these.

Hi Aachea, I hope I can help.

Men with foreskins, and sometimes those without, develop something called “Pearly Papules” around the head of the penis where the glans meets the shaft. These are normal and will increase with time. In the end they should be no bigger than about 1mm and point in the direction of foreskin retraction. Sometimes they will appear white at the tips.

Your description may also be something called “Sebaceous Prominence”. They are completely normal. This kind of bump tends to show up where hair is likely to grow and the skin is a little thicker. As I doubt you have hair growing inside your foreskin, and this is where you seem to describe your bumps as living, this is a possibility none the less.

A more serious possibility is “Human Papiloma Virus” or “genital warts”. This is an STD and is caught by intimate contact. An exceedingly large portion of sexually active adults carry this virus, specifically gay men, and never show symptoms. When they do manifest these warts assume similar characteristics to “pearly papules” until they grow and get bigger. They are usually larger than papules by the time you find them, hard and have a textured surface. They can be removed.

In considering other possibilities, namely STDs, the fact that you have not had sex in 6 months is moot. STDs can be carried for years before manifesting. In some cases a person may carry for their whole life and never see symptoms. The whole time unknowingly giving it to their partners. You need to see a professional for a final say on any matter involving any STD. I am not a doctor and nor are you.

After reading this if you are not 100% sure it is one of the first two possibilities, give this a little time. It is probably jelqing trauma and not HPV. If you are not physically uncomfortable, visibly hemorrhaging or squirting blood from your eye sockets, sit tight. If the bumps worsen, causes pain during that time or remain unchanged in two weeks go see someone. Otherwise, it will heal and you will forget all about it in 14 days.

Good Luck,

READ more about HPV here:
PICTURES OF HPV(NOT for the squeamish):

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Hi Jake (faculae), Mugwomp,

Thank you for the great info. I sure hope the bumps are caused by some blister/trauma due to Jelqing. Perhaps I got carried away and applied too much force & pressure while Jelqing.

Currently while taking showers, I will retract my foreskin and wash the area with mild antibacteria soap. After showers, I will also use a hair dryer to dry the area under the foreskin.

Will continue to monitor the bumps, if it worsens, have no choice but to seek medical attention.


A -

Chill out. I say no hair dryer, and soap only if it is normal for you to do so. Heat will only aggravate the skin. Especially hot dry heat from a hair dryer. The foreskin is used to being closed and mildly damp at 98.6F. Why change this? Stick to your normal routine of hygiene.

Otherwise, wait patiently unless you feel pain & give it two weeks to calm down or manifest itself as something else.

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