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Bump on testicle

Bump on testicle

I’ve noticed a small pimple like bump on my left testicle. It feels exactly like a pimple (doesnt feel like a lump). Should I be worried?
I recently trimmed my pubic hair. Could this be an ingrown hair or something?


So you mean it is on your scrotum, and not your testicle?

The whole sack looks like chicken skin and you’re worried about a pimple? How long have you had a sack.

Seriously, YES it’s probably is nothing more than a hair folicle. I shave and when the new growth starts
things can get a little problematic. Find something else to worry about for now. Unless of course you’ve recently had a
hell of a ball washing from the stripper at your buddies bachlor party, then you might want to keep an eye on it.

Yeah that’s just from shaving. Worry about worse things like cuts from shaving that really suck and hurt like a bitch when you’re trying to stretch or clamp or anything for that matter.

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Yes, I meant the scrotum and not the testicle. It looks to have reduced a little in size this morning. Thanks for your replies.


Ingrown hair. If it’s under the skin, on the actual testicle, probably a harmless cyst, but get those checked out anyways.

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