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Bumbling and lost. Help

Bumbling and lost. Help

Greetings, fellow aspirants to.. Larger endowment.
I hope to not take too much of your time today, but I have some general questions.

I should preface by making plain my situation.

I am 18 years of age, and I turn 19 in a few weeks.
I’m 6’2” tall and usually very thin, but current circumstances have left me about 25 pounds overweight.
In addition, my penis is 7.5” length x 5.5” girth.
I understand after all these years that it’s in the top 5th percentile of sizes, but I’m still dogged by strange feelings of inadequacy. Perhaps they’ve been conditioned?
I’m single(read: sexless) at this moment so doing PE won’t be at the expense of time with any lady.
I’m also currently unemployed, so I’m looking to preferably be pointed in the direction of something free, like jelqs or ligament stretches or something.

I’m sorry if my requests aren’t specific enough, I can clarify in the comments if needed.

I want answers specifically to:
1) If, with my current size, I can realistically aspire to enlarge to 9” length and 7” girth
2) what (free) exercises I can do to achieve such dimensions
3) any indirect lifestyle adjustments I could look to to aid me(I.e. Losing weight?)
4) whether or not my frequent(never more than once daily) masturbation would have massaged my penis a small inadvertent degree, thereby raising the floor for my potential gains.

Any help any of you can give to a newby would be immensely appreciated.
I would like to apologize in advance for my inability to help you due to inexperience.

Well. You are big already, but if you want to engage in PE neverthless, start here
START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

learn the exercises (there are videos too) and start from the newbie routine - nothing to buy but lube. Masturbations has not harmed you in anyway; 9x7 would be an alien penis, you could anyway reach that length with dedication - girth, unlikely.

1 - Yes, over time (Depending on how quickly you gain). Girth may be hard to gain though, 1.5 inches is a lot.
2 - Stretching, jelqing and variations of both. You’ll need to condition first with normal stretches and jelqs.
3 - Improve diet, improve Circulatory system. Diet means cutting out HFCS/sugars, refined goods and generally speaking eating your lean meats, fish, fruit and vegetables. It’s to be argued whether (whole) grains and dairy is part of this. Cardiovascular is obvious; running, swimming, ride a bike, etc.
4 - Hard to say; the penis only contains smooth muscle and not skeletal muscle. But it’s to be argued that you can’t grow an organ beyond a certain size; the same should apply to the penis.

Simply follow the newbie routine. Master the jelq, find a way to consistently and comfortably stretch and keep at it.

An “alien” penis, you say? Interesting.
I was a bit skittish over posting without having read here intensively, thanks.

And Dom, I think I understand that the veins and arteries in the penis are just as susceptible to blockage by high cholesterol as the ones in the rest of the body?
I get that. I’m an okay eater, and I’m working on my weight anyways. Thanks as well.

I am willing to muster the determination to do this for as long as I need to, but I suppose only time and experimentation will tell how much I will yield in gains over the first few months, yes?

Not just for blood flow in arteries, but your well-being in general. Most people will agree that PE is to some degree psychological and a healthy body makes a healthy mind.


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