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"Budgie Smugglers"

"Budgie Smugglers"

Budgie smugglers is something we down here in OZ, (Australia) call speedo style swimming trunks or jockey underpants.
(Budgie is short for budgerigar)

In any case as a newbie my question is: Is their a preference whilst in the PE program for boxer shorts or budgie smugglers,
Is one better than the other for the schlong whilst it is being lengthened.

Cheers Cocky

Hi Cocky,

Most of the fellas around these parts (which is anywhere in the world) believe that the tighty whiteys or budgie smugglers are a hindrance to gains. That boxers or free balling (none) is best.

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Originally Posted by sunshinekid
Hi Cocky,

Boxers or free balling (none) is best.

I concur, though for boxers I prefer boxer briefs. Like tighty whiteys but boxer shorts, hanes and fruit of the loom in particular.

Thanks Sunshine for the advice.

Cheers Cocky

PS luv Gemini Women!

Well Thankya there Jethro.

I’ll let my boys out for a run!

Cheers Cocky

I don’t think it will make any difference at all as far a growth is concerned,

although I prefer to wear boxer briefs. Calvin Klein of course. :)

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Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

Hmm I prefer the jockey, I guess I’ll just have to wear both (not at the same time lol)

Thanks PD

Hmm. with the right tight underwear you could do an all day fowfer…

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Originally Posted by Cocky008
… Is their a preference whilst in the PE program for boxer shorts or budgie smugglers…

He said, “whilst”, and he is only on his fifth post! Welcome Cocky, to one of the few places on the web where command of grammar & syntax, as well as a good vocabulary, is actually viewed as a good thing.

Regarding undie health for Big Jim and the Twins: smugglers might not affect Big Jim’s growth but they will most certainly affect the health of the twins.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

what is syntax? Does it have anything to do with the matrix?

Hmm fuck some threads are getting weak.


You don’t want to promote turtling with thee smugglers.

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Boxers, and not boxer briefs. Even though the weight of your cock might be pretty negligible, the inevitable pull of gravity on your dick definitely does *something*. Check out the really old dudes in a locker room if you get a chance. Gravity works. When I switched to boxers I’ definitelly noticed a better flaccid/ball sac hang.

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